Half-Updos and Ponytails: Stylish Ways to Show Off Boho Braids

Boho braids are the perfect summer hairstyle. With their effortless, beachy vibe, boho braids embody relaxed luxury. But as gorgeous as boho braids look when worn loose, you can also style them in trendy half-updos and ponytails. Pulling back some or all of your boho braids elevates your look. Half-updos and ponytails are chic ways to show off the texture and detail of boho braids. Whether headed to a festival, the beach or just running errands, an updo is a gorgeous way to keep your braided hair out of your face while highlighting your beautiful braids.

Versatile Styling for Boho Braids

Boho braids are incredibly versatile when it comes to styling. The loosely braided texture naturally lends itself to pulled back styles. Braided wigs and boho braids can both be styled in the same trendy updo fashions. With numerous ways to pull back your braids, half-updos and ponytails are easy, elegant options. From messy chignons to sleek high ponies, your boho braids will shine when styled up.

For beachy boho vibes, opt for a mid or low ponytail. Pull back the top and side sections of your braids, leaving the ends loose. This casually cool look is perfect for the oceanfront or strolling through artsy beach towns. Upgrade your ponytail with accessories like scarves, ribbons or a braid woven into the elastic band. For music festivals or summer nights out, a messy top knot bun keeps you comfortable while dancing and adds bohemian flair.

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When you want a more polished look, go for a high ponytail. Pull all your braids up and secure with an elastic for a super sleek pony. Pair with dangly statement earrings and your favorite jumpsuit or maxi dress. A braided crown pony amps up the style even more. Braid small sections of hair across your hairline, like a faux headband. Then gather all your hair into a ponytail. The braided crown seamlessly incorporates into your pony for an elevated updo.

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Half-Up Styles for Showing Off Boho Braids

Half-up, half-down styles are gorgeous with boho braids. Pulling up just part of your braids adds eye-catching height and volume. Half-updos also expose the details and texture of your braided hairstyle. Even utilizing a few small sections to pull back can make a statement.

For an effortless half-up look, divide your braids down the middle. Tie back the top section while leaving the bottom loose. This half-up style works with any braid pattern from fishtails to box braids. Add small barrettes or clips to accent the updo. Pair it with boho makeup featuring bright eye shadow and bold lip colors.

Half-up pigtail styles draw even more attention to your amazing braids. Separate your hair into two even sections. Pull the top half of each section into a ponytail or pigtails. Let the rest flow freely. This fun look highlights the different colors and textures in bold boho braids. It’s perfect for concerts or festivals. For a more sleek half-up, tightly pull back the top layer and slick sides into a pony. Let the rest hang straight down. The severe part contrasts with the messiness of boho braids for an edgy style.

Accessorize Your Boho Braid Updos

The right accessories take your boho braid ponytails and half-updos to the next level. When styling your braids up, consider adding hair jewelry like cuffs and beads that attach directly to your braids. These accessories add color and texture while accentuating your braiding pattern. Look for carved woods, bones, shells, crystals and metallic beads to integrate earthy boho elements.

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Scrunchies, ribbons and headwraps disguise plain elastics while contributing bohemian flair. Use them to secure half-updos and ponytails. For music festivals, tie bandanas or printed scarves around ponytails in bright funky prints. Wrap sections of your hair with suede cords ending in tassels or beads.

Don’t forget statement earrings, stacked necklaces and arm cuffs. These flashy extras complete festival-ready looks when paired with braid upstyles. Pull from colors in your braids for a coordinated finish. With so many options, you can customize your boho braid updo to match any outfit or occasion.

Express Your Unique Style With Braided Updos

Half-up, half-down styles and sleek ponytails let you show off your beautiful boho braids in fresh new ways. Pulling back all or some of your braids highlights the intricate pattern and texture. The endless styling possibilities mean you can try something new every day. So be bold and give your braids elevation. Use elastics, clips and accessories to create your own work of hair art. Whether headed out for a night of fun or just running errands, half-updos and ponytails take your boho braids to stylish new heights.

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Boho braids are the perfect way to embrace effortless summer style. But you can take your braided look to the next level by styling your hair in half-updos and ponytails. Whether headed to a music festival or just enjoying a day at the beach, pulling back some or all of your boho braids creates elegance and versatility. Half-up, half-down styles beautifully highlight the textures and patterns woven into your braids. Sleek high ponies keep your hair out of your face while showing off the handiwork. Decorative elastics, ribbons, cuffs and scarves add playful boho flair. With countless gorgeous options, half-updos and ponytails let you switch up your look daily. So showcase your amazing braids all season long by pulling them back into chic, laidback upstyles.

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