Difference Between Synthetic and Human Hair for Boho Braid Styles

Boho braids are the epitome of effortless, beachy texture with an undone vibe. From goddess faux locs to boho box braids and everything in between, this style exudes natural beauty and chic texture. But achieving those perfect braids requires the right type of hair. While synthetic extensions may seem ideal for temporary boho styles on a budget, human hair offers distinct advantages for crafting braids that flow and move convincingly. Understanding the key differences helps you make the best choice for your new bohemian hairdo.

Appearance and Texture

At first glance, high-quality synthetic fibers can convincingly emulate the texture and shine of human hair for boho braid styles. However, human hair offers unparalleled natural subtlety and nuance in appearance that contributes to a flawless finish:

1. Multi-tonal human hair reflects light naturally with depth and dimension. The variations in shade lend realism. Synthetic hair often appears overly uniform.

2. Human hair has a soft, smooth feel. The cuticle layer gives sensorial finesse. Synthetic fibers feel coarser to the touch.

3. Subtle natural highlights, lowlights and flyaways help human hair blend for invisible boho braids. Synthetic looks uniform.

4. True human hair is compatible with styling products and heat. Synthetic hair becomes damaged and melts.

glueless boho braids

Durability and Longevity

Synthetic hair is mass-produced cheaply using plastic-based fibers like kanekalon. While costs are low, it cannot compare to human hair in resilience:

1. Human hair lasts months to a year with proper care. Synthetic hair tangles and mats more quickly, lasting weeks to months.

2. The natural strength of protein-rich human hair allows for consistent reuse. Synthetic braids must be replaced.

3. Human hair withstands heat styling, washing, and products without issue. Synthetic hair becomes dried out and dull with repeated use.

4. With human hair, boho braids can be re-dipped and refreshed as needed. Synthetic hair does not hold up to rebraiding.

Movement and Manageability

Thanks to its organic protein structure, human hair offers unparalleled fluidity and bounce. Synthetic fibers tend to hold shape rigidly:

1. Human hair flows with natural movement whether wet or dry. Synthetic braids stay stiff.

2. Real hair curves and parts convincingly. Synthetic holds unnatural positions.

3. With human hair, boho knotless braids fall and drape with realism. Synthetic braids spring back.

4. Humidity causes human hair to swell and react. Synthetic is not atmospherically reactive.

5. Even fine human hair has a density that permits airy boho braids. Synthetic can feel heavy.

While synthetic hair works in a pinch, human hair’s superior texture, durability, fluidity and manageability help create boho box braids that move just like the real thing. Invest wisely for long-lasting perfection.

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Preserving The Boho Look

1. To keep boho braids looking fresh, focus on proper maintenance techniques

2. Moisturize often with leave-in sprays, oils and creams to prevent dryness. Focus on the ends.

3. Gently shampoo braided rows while avoiding friction. Rinse thoroughly. Air dry fully.

4. Sleep on satin to prevent tangles and frizz. Keep braids loosely gathered in a low ponytail.

5. Deep condition at least weekly. Apply protein treatments to reinforce hair strength.

6. Trim ends regularly to remove any split, damaged ends and prevent unraveling.

7. Re-braid loose sections promptly. Keep edges slick and laid using styling gel.

8. Avoid exposing hair to excess heat, sun damage, chlorine, saltwater, and color treatments.

Choosing the right hair will help your bohemian braids last and stay flawless. Handle with care and rock the ultimate carefree style.

Choosing the Right Bohemian Braid Style

Once you've decided on human hair for durability and movement, the next step is choosing the perfect boho braid style for your look. Consider these popular options:

Goddess Faux Locs

Chunky, rope-like braids meant to mimic the look of locs.

Achieve an effortlessly undone, bohemian style.

Often incorporate cuffs or decorative beads for an earthy aesthetic.

Look beautiful styled in updos or flowing loosely.

Boho Knotless Braids

Achieve a seamless look by braiding hair to your roots without stopping to start new sections.

Allows versatile parting and styling.

Often feature jewelry or accessories like cowrie shells woven throughout for texture.

A great protective style that doesn't stress your natural hair.

Flexi Rod Set Braids

Attain bendy, wavy braids by setting freshly installed braids on flexi rods.

Gorgeous mermaid-style texture when released from the rods after drying.

Light, airy and full of body- perfect for a beach vacation.

A festival-ready look.

box braids

Caring for Your Bohemian Braids

To keep your braids looking fresh, focus on moisturizing, gently cleansing, protecting the ends and avoiding damage from friction, heat and chemicals. Some key tips:

1. Shampoo braids gently, section by section, and rinse thoroughly after washing.

2. Apply leave-in conditioners and oils, concentrating on the ends of braids.

3. Let braids air dry fully before styling to prevent frizz.

4. Sleep on a satin pillowcase and loosely tie up braids before bed.

5. Deep condition weekly and trim braid ends regularly.

6. Refresh braids and longevity by redoing any sections that become loose.

With proper care, your bohemian braids will maintain their flawless, carefree style for weeks of enviable hair joy.


Boho braids represent the epitome of effortless, beach-inspired style. By understanding the clear benefits of high-quality human hair over synthetic fibers, taking the time to perfect your braiding technique, and properly caring for your new bohemian 'do, you can craft braids that move fluidly and emulate natural texture beautifully. Whether you opt for chunky faux locs, seamless knotless braids or lively flexi rod curls, embrace the chance to unleash your inner boho goddess. Allow these tips to guide you in achieving braids that are healthy, long-lasting and above all, Insta-worthy works of bohemian art. With the right know-how, you’ll be looking breezily on-trend and feeling your carefree best in no time. So give your mane a boho makeover and take your style to new heights of beauty and brilliance.

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