Pre Bleached Braided Wigs

JALIZA Pre-bleached Braided Wig with Human Hair Roots collection: a fusion of convenience and luxury. Synthetic hair can't be pre-bleached, and we have upgraded the hair root base into natural human hair, in order to have the black knots pre-bleached.  Pre-bleached human hair roots ensure a perfectly realistic look, while braid lengths add volume and texture to your hairstyle. The all-lace construction provides a breathable and lightweight fit that ensures comfort throughout the day. Whether you're looking for a stylish protective style or just want to transform your look without commitment, our Human Hair Roots Pre-bleached braided wig collection offers versatility and sophistication. Create salon-style hairstyles in minutes with our premium wigs. >
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Knotless Human Hair Roots Box Braided Wig 36" Pre bleached Full Lace 100 Strands - Kinky Human Baby Hair

Knotless Human Hair Roots Box Braided Wig 36" Pre bleached Full Lace 100 Strands - Kinky Human Baby Hair

$359.00 USD From $289.00 USD
4 interest-free installments Product features 1. Pre bleached invisible knots and natural kinky human hair roots 2. Natural kinky human baby hair Note: Our standard baby hair is natural, kinky...

Experience the Convenience and Luxury of Pre-Bleached Braided Wigs with Human Hair Roots

Why choose JALIZA Pre Bleached Braided Wigs with Human Hair Roots?

Our Pre Bleached Braided Wigs with Human Hair Roots collection combines convenience and luxury. With pre-bleached human hair roots, you can quickly and easily achieve a faultless, natural look, saving you time and effort. These wigs are ideal for any occasion because of their fine craftsmanship, and these guarantees comfort and style.

What are pre-plucked and pre-bleached wigs, and how do they help users?

Wigs that have been pre-plucked and pre-bleached feature a painstakingly created hairline that is expertly shaped to mimic the appearance of real hair.Because of this, users can now easily achieve a realistic hairline without putting in extra work. It also removes the need for extensive customization.

How to bleach knots on wigs?

Follow these steps: Mix bleach with developer, gently apply the mixture to the knots, and allow it to process for the recommended duration. Rinse thoroughly and shampoo to remove any residue, repeating the process as necessary until the desired brightness is achieved.

Can you bleach a synthetic wig?

No, you can't bleach synthetic wigs. Bleach can damage synthetic fibers, causing them to break or melt. It is best to avoid using bleach on synthetic wigs and choose other methods to ease knots.

How to bleach knots on a lace wig?

A lace wig's knot can be bleached by combining bleach and developer, applying the mixture to the knotted lace, and letting it sit for a predetermined period of time. To preserve the wig's quality and guard against damage, give it a thorough rinse, shampoo, and condition.

How to maintain wigs from JALIZA Pre Bleached Braid Wigs with Human Hair Roots collection?

To maintain our collection of Pre Bleached Braid Wigs with Human Hair Roots, brush gently with a wide-toothed comb, wash with a gentle shampoo and conditioner, and air dry. Avoid overheating and styling products to extend their service life.

How long can these wigs be used for?

With proper care, wigs from our collection can last to one year. Regular maintenance and gentle handling ensure their durability and keep them fresh and stylish for a long time.

How to bleach human hair braided wigs?

Combine the bleach and developer, evenly coat the wig, and leave it on for the suggested duration of time to bleach the wig. Thoroughly rinse, follow with a shampoo and conditioner rinse, and let air dry.