The Meaning of Cornrows in Female UFC Fighters: A Combination of Function, Culture, and Identity

As Valentine's Day comes, a day to celebrate love and togetherness, one might wonder: Why do female UFC fighters wear cornrows? The solution goes beyond aesthetics, as these sportsmen wear cornrows not just as a hairdo but also as a representation of their dedication and passion for the sport. Cornrows have developed into more than a fashion statement in the UFC; they represent the utility and cultural heritage that athletes bring to the octagon. This hairdo is more than just about looking exquisite; it's a strategic move that reflects the fighters' passion for their trade and respect for ethnic customs, which resonates strongly during a season that honors personal ties.

Historical Context for Cornrows

Cornrows have strong historical origins in African soil, where these elaborate braids have long held tremendous cultural significance. Initially, cornrow patterns may reveal a person's tribe, social rank, age, marital status, income, power, and spiritual beliefs. As these traditional haircuts traveled across oceans and decades, they discovered a new home in sports. Cornrows, particularly in combat sports like the UFC, have gone beyond cultural expression to become a practical staple, improving athletic performance by keeping a fighter's hair secure and out of the way, allowing them to focus on the competition with one less distraction.

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Reasons Female UFC Fighters Opt for Cornrows

Safety Considerations

Long hair can become a significant liability in the heat of a fight. Cornrows ensure that hair is tightly braided against the scalp, reducing the risk of obscuring vision or getting caught during a grapple. Although hair pulling is against the rules in the UFC, accidents can occur, and braided cornrow wigs offer a preventive measure against such potentially fight-ending scenarios.

Practicality in Training and Fighting

Cornrows are a pragmatic choice for female UFC fighters with strenuous training and competitive bouts. The tightly woven braids ensure that hair won't become a distraction, allowing fighters to maintain their concentration on technique and strategy. As they engage in high-intensity fights, the resilience of cornrows becomes apparent; they stay secure without the need for adjustments, thus eliminating the risk of hair interference during the most critical moments of a match.

Hygiene and Comfort

In the realm of the UFC, where fighters grapple and sweat in close quarters, maintaining hygiene is paramount, and cornrows contribute significantly to this aspect. Keeping hair tightly braided and close to the scalp minimizes the likelihood of sweat trickling into the eyes or onto the face, promoting a more hygienic environment. This enhances a fighter's comfort and prevents the distraction and discomfort that can come from sweat mingling with loose hair or reactive hair products, allowing athletes to stay focused and undeterred by such nuisances.
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Compliance with UFC Regulations

The UFC enforces stringent hair and apparel regulations to ensure fights' safety and fairness. Cornrows comply perfectly with these guidelines. By keeping hair tightly braided to the scalp, fighters avoid using prohibited accessories like clips or rubber bands, which could cause injury during close combat. This compliance is crucial for the safety of the fighter sporting the hairstyle and their opponent, making cornrows an ideal solution within the UFC's regulatory framework.

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Psychological Aspect

Cornrows can be just as crucial to UFC fighters as their gloves and determination. These braided wigs act as a mental shield, a component of their psychological armor, instilling confidence and a sense of preparation as they enter the ring. The hairdo is a visible reflection of their preparation and determination, intrinsically linked to their fighting identity. It's a subtle but powerful reminder of the importance of self-control and concentration in competitive martial arts.

Cultural and Aesthetic Value

Cornrows have a global history, representing a rich cultural tapestry as diverse as the combatants who wear them. Cornrows are popular in the UFC across ethnic lines, allowing athletes of many origins to wear this haircut for its functionality and as a reference to its African heritage. Cornrows' aesthetic appeal provides fighters with a unique method to express their personal style, celebrate cultural heritage, and make a message that echoes throughout the octagon while paying attention to the style's rich historical roots.
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How Cornrows Are Styled for UFC Fights

Tight Weaving

Each braid is meticulously crafted, lying flush against the scalp to ensure a secure fit that holds up under the intense conditions of a fight, minimizing the possibility of it becoming unraveled at a crucial moment.


Fighters frequently seek unique patterns that allow them to express their individuality. Depending on the fighter's preferences, these designs might be basic, subtle, intricate, or striking.


A fighter's choice in cornrow style can become as much a part of their identity as their fighting style. Over time, specific patterns can become synonymous with a fighter, making them instantly recognizable to fans and sponsors alike.


The durability of cornrows is paramount in UFC fights. They're not just for show but serve the practical purpose of withstanding one fight and the many training sessions and sparring leading up to it.
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As Valentine's Day encourages us to treasure what we love, cornrows in the UFC stand out as a mark of female fighters' devotion to their sport. These athletes combine their enthusiasm for fighting with a hairdo that reflects their practical basic needs, cultural respect, and personal identity. Cornrows are more than just a fashion option for female UFC fighters; they represent a strategic, cultural, and empowering component of their journey. They exemplify the strength and beauty these athletes bring to the octagon, much like the enduring traits we honor in our relationships on Valentine's Day.

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