Mastering the Art of Two Cornrow Braids: A Step-by-Step Guide

Beginning an attempt to master the skill of cornrow braiding leads to a rich tradition and a world of creative self-expression. For those wondering how to do two cornrow braids, this step-by-step instruction will help you get through the process with ease and confidence. Whether you're new to braiding or looking to improve your technique, we'll cover everything from the necessary materials to the delicate finishing touches that will set your style apart. This guide will instruct you on how to create lovely, perfect cornrows that look professional and reflect your unique style. Let's embark on this braiding trip together, changing a fundamental question—How do you make two cornrow braids?—into an impressive display of heritage and style.

Step1: Gather Your Materials

Edge Control Gel: For two cornrow braids, edge control gel is vital. It blends braided hair with natural hair and smooths baby hair. Cantu Edge Control gel is recommended for its non-flaky hold.
Styling Gel: Essential for a polished braid, styling gel keeps your hair smooth and controls frizz, making it ideal for heat-free stretching.
Edge Brush: A must-have for precise edge control, an edge brush provides better styling control than a toothbrush for those fine hairlines.
Denman Brush: The brush is indispensable for thick, curly hair, easing detangling and pre-styling before braiding begins.
Hair Jewelry: Hair jewelry, such as beads or cuffs, adds flair to cornrows, allowing for personalization and transforming a basic braid into a fashion statement.

Styling Gel

Step 2: Prepare Your Hair

Washing and conditioning: Clean, conditioned hair is the foundation of any excellent hairdo. It's recommended to begin with a clarifying shampoo to remove any residue that impedes smooth braiding. Follow up with a moisturizing conditioner that also detangles. This step is critical for reducing breakage and guaranteeing ease of braiding.
Detangling: Use a wide-tooth comb or a Denman brush to gently detangle your hair from tip to root. This step is critical for avoiding knots and ensuring that your two cornrow braids are neat and comfortable.
Drying and Stretching: The hair should be dried and stretched after detangling. This can be done with a blow dryer and a comb attachment for a quick result or with heatless methods such as twist-outs or braid-outs, which naturally lengthen the two cornrow braids. Stretching the hair makes braiding easier and helps to relieve scalp stress.

Step 3: Section Your Hair

Sectioning is crucial for even two cornrow braids. Start with a middle part as your symmetry guide. Use a rattail comb for precision, drawing a line from your forehead straight back to the nape. Clip away the two sections to keep them separate. This ensures clean parting and prevents hairs from different sections from mixing, which can disrupt the neatness of your cornrows and make the braiding process more challenging.

Section Your Hair

Step 4: Prepare Your Braiding Workspace

Preparing your tools beforehand is essential for efficient braiding. Assemble braiding hair, edge control, styling gel, and an edge brush. Include hair jewelry for embellishment. This organization ensures a smooth workflow, allowing you to focus on creating perfect two cornrow braids without interruptions for missing items.

Step 5: Start the First Cornrow

Initiate the first cornrow by applying a dab of edge control gel to tame any unruly strands along the hairline. At the forehead, separate a modest amount of hair into three equal sections to start the braid. Weave carefully, incorporating strands of braided wigs gradually to maintain a consistent texture and appearance. The cornrow braid must remain uniform in size and tension, ensuring it adheres to the scalp neatly but not too tightly, which could potentially lead to discomfort or hair damage.

Step 6: Craft the Second Cornrow

For the second cornrow, strive to mimic the precision of the first. This includes matching the size of the sections and applying even tension as you braid. An edge brush can be invaluable for managing new growth and baby hairs, helping you achieve a flawless, sleek edge. Additionally, apply styling gel to keep the entire braid looking smooth. The meticulousness in creating symmetrical two cornrow braids will set your style apart, giving it a professional, polished look that is well worth the investment of time.

Craft the Second Cornrow

Step 7: Secure and Finish Your Braids

Once the braid is complete, secure the end with a small, discreet hairband. If you're working with synthetic hair, neatness can be achieved by trimming any stray ends. For a more permanent finish, consider sealing the ends with hot water, which helps to prevent them from fraying. A final application of hair oil will infuse the two cornrow braids with a healthy sheen. At the same time, a spritz of finishing spray can smooth away any lingering frizz, ensuring that your cornrows remain both stunning and in optimal condition.

Step 8: Personalize with Hair Jewelry

This is where you can let your creativity shine. Decorate your two cornrow braids with the hair jewelry of your choice, placing them strategically along the braid or at the ends. This accessory can elevate your look from everyday to extraordinary.

Step 9: Maintain Your Style

Night-time care with a silk or satin scarf is vital to keeping your two cornrow braids looking immaculate to minimize friction and preserve moisture. Regular nourishment with oils or leave-in conditioners is also crucial for scalp health and hair vitality. Mastering symmetrical cornrows with braiding hair is a testament to patience and practice, offering a dynamic style that fits any occasion—from athletic activities to elegant events. The essence of impeccable cornrows is in the preparation and meticulousness, from selecting quality materials to maintaining your hair. Don't be disheartened by initial attempts; with each effort, you'll edge closer to those sleek, professional-looking braids that resonate with personal flair and cultural pride. Embrace this braiding guide and confidently begin your journey, weaving your identity into each braid.

Maintain Your Style


Mastering the skill of cornrow braiding requires time and practice. Each effort makes the procedure simpler, resulting in elegant, symmetrical cornrows that reflect your style and cultural identity. Remember that the secret to beautiful two cornrow braids is preparation, from selecting the correct materials to care for your hair before and after braiding. This guide is intended to help you confidently move through each step, weaving your distinct identity into each braid. Whether dressed for a casual day or a big occasion, these braids express your roots and show your commitment to keeping an iconic look.

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