Mastering Side Cornrow Braids: A Step-by-Step Guide to Crafting This Classic Hairstyle

Cornrow braids have stood the test of time as a classic and versatile hairstyle, embraced by cultures around the globe for their intricate beauty and practicality. If you find yourself pondering "how to make side cornrow braids?" you are not alone. This question is common among enthusiasts seeking to diversify their hairstyling skills. Side cornrow braids, in particular, offer a unique, asymmetrical elegance that can be both edgy and sophisticated. By learning how to create side cornrow braids, you add a stunning and artistic style to your repertoire while ensuring you maintain the health and integrity of your hair.

burgundy side cornrow braids

Materials Needed

You will need a few essential tools to embark on your side cornrow journey. A rat-tail comb is perfect for creating clean parts, while hair clips or bands will help you section your hair neatly. Hair gel or pomade is vital for achieving sleek braids, and edge control can be used for a polished finish.

black and blonde side cornrow braids

Preparing Your Hair

The key to impeccable cornrows starts with proper hair preparation. Begin with clean, detangled hair to prevent breakage and make parting easier. It's essential to moisturize and condition your hair, as cornrows can be worn for several weeks, and you want your hair to remain healthy. If your hair texture requires it, blow-dry or stretch it to ensure it's manageable for braiding.

small side cornrow braids

Sectioning the Hair

Decide which side of your head you want your cornrows to grace. Using your rat-tail comb, part your hair from the forehead down to the nape of the neck. Depending on your desired style, the part can be straight, curved, or dodged. Use clips to keep the rest of your hair out of the way, leaving only the section you'll start braiding.

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The Braiding Process

Creating side cornrow braids demands skill, patience, and attention to detail. The process can be intricate, but with some practice, it becomes intuitive. Here's how to get started and what to keep in mind while braiding:

Step-by-Step Guide to Starting the Braid

1. Begin at the Front: Select a small section of hair at the front of your chosen parted side. This will be the starting point of your cornrow.
2. Divide the Section: Split this initial section into three equal strands. These will form the basis of your cornrow, so getting them as soon as possible is essential.
3. Initial Stitches: Start with a couple of regular, tight three-strand braid stitches without adding any additional hair to get the braid anchored.

The Basic Cornrow Technique

4. Underhand Braiding: Using an underhand technique, start to add small sections of hair to each strand of the braid as you weave it under the middle strand. This is the cornrow's essence: adding hair with each subsequent stitch.
5. Maintaining Tension: The secret to neat and long-lasting cornrows is maintaining consistent tension. Not too tight to cause discomfort, but firm enough to keep the braid attached to the scalp.
6. Steady Rhythm: Develop a rhythm as you go, adding equal-sized sections of hair to the braid. This helps keep the cornrow even and symmetrical.

jumbo side cornrow braids

Keeping Braids Tight and Even

7. Consistency is Key: Ensure that it's the same amount each time you add hair to the braid. If one section is thicker or thinner than the others, it will be noticeable in the final braid.
8. Smooth Movements: Smooth the hair with your fingertips while braiding. This will help to prevent lumps and bumps while keeping the braid appearing elegant.
9. Securing the Ends: When you reach the end of the scalp and have no more hair to add, braid the remaining free hair in a conventional braid and fasten it with a small, inconspicuous hair band.

Adding Flair to Your Cornrows

10. Accessorize: Consider weaving in ribbons or beads for additional decoration. These should be added as you braid, usually when you stop adding new hair.
11. Patterns and Designs: To create patterns, change the direction of the cornrow by angling your partings or varying the size of the sections. This can develop zigzags, curves, or even shapes within your cornrow design.

Finishing the Look

12. Edge Control: Once the braid is complete, apply edge control to the hairline to lay down any flyaways and give a clean, finished look.
13. Mist and Seal: Use a light hold mist to set the braid and a nourishing oil to seal moisture, ensuring your scalp and hair stay hydrated.


14. Wrap it Up: At night, wrap your braids in a silk scarf or bonnet to protect them while you sleep. This will reduce friction, which can cause frizz and potentially loosen the braids.

Creating side cornrow braids can be meditative once you get into the flow of it. Take your time to ensure that each braid is done with care, and keep going evendon't if your first attempts aren't perfect. Like any craft, cornrowing gets better with practice. The result is a stunning, protective style that keeps your hair neat and gives you a chic, traditional, and modern look.

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side cornrow braids with extensions

Side Cornrow Styles

Once you've mastered the basic side cornrow, you can experiment with different styles. You can choose a single statement cornrow, multiple parallel cornrows, or even incorporate patterns or designs by changing the direction of the braids or the shape of the parts.

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black side cornrow braids

Maintaining Your Cornrows

Cornrows can be a low-maintenance style if cared for correctly. To avoid frizz and keep the braids neat, wrap your hair in a smooth scarf or sleep on a silk pillowcase. To keep your scalp healthy, moisturize it with light oils on a regular basis, and consider renewing your braids every 2 to 4 weeks to keep them looking good. At JALIZA Wig Store, we specialize in a diverse selection of high-quality wigs, specifically catering to black women who value both style and substance. For a seamless transition from natural hair to a protective style, our braided wigs are a perfect choice, crafted to provide a natural look while offering the benefits of low maintenance.

side cornrow braids with strings

Troubleshooting Common Issues

Frizz can be managed with a light spritz of water and oil or by smoothing flyaways with edge control. If your braids feel too tight, a warm compress can help alleviate discomfort, but if pain persists, it may be best to loosen the braids to prevent hair loss or damage. To refresh your cornrows, you can reapply edge control and tie down your hair overnight to tame any unruly hairs.

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Side cornrow braids are as stylish as they are practical, and learning to create them can open up a new world of hair styling options. You can achieve a sleek and sophisticated cornrow look that turns heads with patience and practice. Remember, braiding is an art form; like any other, it allows for personal expression and creativity. So, get your comb and clips ready, and let the braiding begin!

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