Mastering the Art of Adding Curly Extensions to Goddess Cornrow Braids

Goddess cornrow braids have been a staple in protective hairstyles for centuries, offering a perfect blend of elegance, culture, and versatility. Traditionally, these braids lie flat against the scalp and can be styled in various patterns. However, the modern twist to this classic style includes the addition of curly hair, infusing volume, playfulness, and dynamism into the look. If you're wondering "how to add curly hair to goddess cornrow braids?", you've come to the right place. This article guides you through the process for a look that's nothing short of divine.

shoulder length curly hair to goddess cornrow braids

Understanding Goddess Cornrow Braids

Goddess cornrow braids are distinguished by their intricate patterns woven close to the scalp and the loose, flowing hair often integrated into the braid. They can range from simple, straight-back braids to complex geometric patterns and can be adorned with various accessories. Adding curly hair to these braids produces a voluminous appearance that nicely frames the face and adds whimsy to the classic look.

Materials Needed

Before you begin the journey of transforming your hair, make sure you have the necessary materials:

 ● Curly hair extensions (choose between synthetic or human hair, matching your hair color)
 ● Hairpins and clips
 ● Rat-tail comb for precise parting
 ● Wide-tooth comb for detangling
 ● Hair gel or pomade for sleek braiding
 ● Crochet needle (if opting for the crochet method)
 ● Hairbands or rubber bands to secure ends
 ● Optional: Beads, hair cuffs, or other decorative accessories

When selecting curly hair extensions, consider the texture and look you desire. Human hair extensions can offer a more natural look and can be heat-styled, whereas synthetic hair is often more affordable and comes pre-styled.

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curly hair to goddess small cornrow braids

Preparing Your Natural Hair

To ensure your goddess braids with curly extensions look great and promote healthy hair, start by thoroughly washing and conditioning your hair. Use a detangling conditioner to make the subsequent combing process gentler on your tresses. Apply a leave-in conditioner and detangle your hair with a wide-tooth comb, working from the ends to the roots to reduce breakage.

Moisturize your hair with a cream or oil, and apply a heat protectant if you plan to blow-dry your hair for a stretched, more manageable base. To avoid mildew and scalp concerns, make sure your hair is totally dry before braiding.

burgundy curly hair to goddess cornrow braids

Sectioning and Braiding the Cornrows

Begin by sectioning your hair into the desired pattern using a rat-tail comb. The sections can determine the direction and flow of your braids, so take your time to get them right. Apply a tiny quantity of hair gel or pomade to each part to control flyaways and create a tidy appearance.

Start braiding each section into a cornrow, ensuring you maintain consistent tension for a uniform look. If you're new to braiding, you should practice beforehand or seek a professional braider to achieve the neatest results.

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curly hair to goddess cornrow braids with a high bun

Adding Curly Extensions

Adding curly extensions to your goddess cornrow braids can be straightforward once you get the hang of it. Here are more detailed steps to ensure a successful and stylish addition of curls to your braids:

Choosing the Right Extensions

Before you begin the process of adding them, it's essential to choose the right type of curly extensions. If you prefer a more natural look and feel, choose human hair extensions, which can be washed and styled just like your own hair. Synthetic hair, conversely, is more cost-effective and can come in a broader variety of curls and colors. Whichever you choose, ensure the curl pattern matches or complements your desired final look.

Preparing the Extensions

Once you've selected the right curly extensions, prepare them for installation. If you're using synthetic hair, you should separate the curls a bit for a fuller look. For human hair, you may want to wash and condition the extensions beforehand, especially if they're not brand new. This will help revitalize the curls and remove any residue left from processing.

Crochet Method

The crochet method is prevalent and effective for adding curly extensions to your cornrows:

1. Insert the Crochet Needle: Slide the crochet needle underneath the cornrow with the latch open.
2. Hook the Extension: Attach the curly extension onto the hook and then close the latch.
3. Pull Through: Carefully pull the needle back through the cornrow, bringing the extension with it.
4. Knot the Extension: Once you have a loop of the extension through the cornrow, pull the ends of the extension through the loop to create a knot. Ensure it's secure without being too tight, as this could cause tension on your scalp.
5. Repeat: Continue this process along the cornrows, spacing the extensions evenly to avoid an overly bulky look. The aim is to achieve a full and natural blend of curls that cascade beautifully alongside your braids.

brown curly hair to goddess cornrow braids

Braid-In Method

Alternatively, the braid-in method involves braiding the extensions directly into your cornrows:

1. Section the Extension: Take a small section of the curly extension that matches the size of the cornrow section you will be working on.
2. Braid In: Start to braid as usual, and after a few crosses, add in the curly hair by laying it alongside your natural hair and including it as one of the three sections in your braid.
3. Secure the Extension: As you braid down, ensure the extension is securely braided in with your natural hair. If needed, you can add a small hairband to the end of the braid to prevent it from unraveling.
4. Maintaining the Pattern: Continue braiding, adding the curly extensions at regular intervals along the cornrow to maintain a consistent pattern and volume throughout the style.

Styling After Installation

After applying all of the extensions, use your fingers to carefully part and fluff the curls for a more natural, voluminous look. Avoid using brushes or combs on the curls, as this can disrupt the curl pattern and cause frizz. If you encounter any frizz, use a light curl-defining cream or mousse to enhance and define the curls.

Final Touches

With all the curly extensions in place, step back and assess the overall look. You may find that some areas require additional volume or that some curls need trimming to create a uniform shape. Make any final adjustments as necessary, ensuring that the extensions are fully integrated into your braids and that you're satisfied with the overall appearance. At JALIZA Wig Store, the braided cornrow wig collection captures the essence of traditional African hairstyling, offering sleek, cornrowed designs that cater to a sophisticated yet easy-to-maintain appearance.

black curly hair to goddess cornrow braids

Styling and Accessorizing

After adding the curly extensions:
1.Style them to your preference. You may leave them loose and flowing or define the curls further with a curl-enhancing product.
2.Accessorize your goddess braids with beads, rings, or cuffs for an added touch of personality.
3.Remember, your objective is to achieve a harmonious appearance that enhances your inherent beauty.

Maintenance and Care

Goddess cornrow braids with curly extensions require regular maintenance to keep them looking fresh. At night, cover your hair with a silky wrap or bonnet to reduce frizz and keep it moist. In the morning, refresh the curls with a light spritz of water or curl refresher spray.

When washing, you can lightly cleanse your scalp and braids using a diluted shampoo mixture with a cloth or sponge. Follow up with a light conditioner and allow your hair to air dry completely. JALIZA Wig Store prides itself on being a premium destination for black women seeking quality and style in their hair choices. Our commitment is to provide you with braided wigs that not only look natural but also give you the freedom to express your unique beauty.

curly hair to goddess cornrow braids with mixed colors

Removal and Aftercare

When it comes time to remove your goddess braids, be careful not to damage your natural hair. Cut the extensions gently away from the cornrows, then unravel your braids. Follow this with a thorough wash and deep conditioning treatment to replenish moisture and strength in your hair.

After taking down your braids, rest your hair before installing another set of extensions or braids. This period will allow your hair and scalp to recover and reduce the risk of tension-related damage.

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curly hair to goddess cornrow braids with extensions


Goddess cornrow braids with curly extensions are a stylish and protective hairstyle that can last several weeks with proper care. By following the steps outlined above, you can achieve a beautiful, curly-enhanced look that's both modern and rooted in tradition. Experiment with different textures and styles of curly hair to find the perfect match for your aesthetic. With each attempt, you'll get more familiar with the process, allowing for more creativity and flair. At JALIZA Wig Store, we specialize in catering to the unique beauty needs of black women, offering an extensive collection of high-quality wigs that empower and enhance personal style. Embracing the rich heritage of braided hairstyles, we proudly feature an exquisite line of boho braids wigs, braids wig, and braided cornrow wig selections.

Our platform is a celebration of diversity and creativity, featuring an array of wig brands each with their own distinct characteristics. From luxurious textures to a spectrum of colors, our wigs are meticulously designed to provide you with the versatility and confidence to express your individuality.

curly hair to goddess cornrow braids with beads

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