Achieving Naturalness: A Guide to Making Your Locs-Braided Wig Look Natural

Natural Locations braided wigs are becoming increasingly popular as a chic and adaptable substitute for conventional hairstyle techniques. They give you the desired dreadlock look without the work and upkeep of growing them naturally. But "How to make locs braided wigs more natural?" is a question that many wearers frequently pose. This is an essential point because the ability of these wigs to resemble natural hair is fundamental to accepting them. A realistic-looking wig can improve your appearance and self-esteem. In this in-depth guide, we'll go into the answers to this critical issue and how to make sure your synthetic locks seem just like genuine things.

Selecting the Right Wig

The selection process is the first step towards creating a locs braided wig that looks natural. There are a lot of different kinds of wigs on the market, but not all of them are equal in terms of looking natural. When making your decision, take into account the following factors:
Hair texture: Choose a wig with the texture closest to your hair. Look for a loc wig that resembles your natural hair, whether coarse or with a particular curl pattern. Hair texture alignment is essential for a smooth appearance.
Wig Cap: The wig cap, or base of the wig, should resemble a natural scalp as much as is feasible. Because they may be made to match your skin tone and provide the appearance of natural hair growth, caps with a lace foundation are handy.

Wig Cap-locs braided wigs

Customization Techniques

Hairline Tweaking

The hairline can have significant effects on how real a locs braided wig looks. Wigs frequently have an extremely straight and dense hairline, which can be a dead giveaway. A more realistic hairline that resembles the natural ebb and flow of hair density can be achieved by carefully pulling out hairs along the front border. This will make the hairline blend in with your skin more naturally.

Strategic Thinning

The excessive thickness of many wigs may not accurately reflect the natural density of real hair. You can obtain a more realistic hair volume by carefully reducing some density from the wig, especially surrounding the temples and crown. To prevent over-thinning and perhaps damaging the braided locs wig, thin carefully and gradually, evaluating the result as you go.

Incorporating Baby Hairs

Adding baby hair to a locs braided wig can significantly increase its authenticity. Natural hair growth is characterized by the short, fine hairs surrounding the hairline and neck. To do this, take a tiny bit of hair from the edge of the wig and delicately trim it to resemble soft baby hairs. The authenticity of the wig can be considerably increased by styling it to resemble baby hair's natural lay.

Coloring and Treatment

Color Matching

Select a wig color that resonates with your natural hair and skin tone for a seamless look. For human hair wigs, professional dyeing is recommended to ensure an even and lasting color, expertly matched to enhance your natural beauty.

Dimensional Dyeing

Adding highlights or lowlights to your locs braided wig can introduce depth, making it look lively and more natural. This technique is crucial in replicating the varied tones in natural hair, giving your locs a multi-dimensional appearance.

locs braided wigs 1

Natural Oils

To mimic the sheen of natural hair, lightly apply natural oils like argan or coconut to synthetic wigs. Use sparingly to avoid a greasy look, focusing on creating a light, healthy shine that enhances the wig's natural appeal.
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Application Methods

Secure Attachment

The foundation of a natural-looking wig is how securely and comfortably it fits on your head. Wig grips or specially designed clips can help keep the locs braids wig in place without causing damage or tension to your natural hair. Ensure the wig cap is snug but not too tight, as this will ensure the wig sits naturally on your scalp without shifting throughout the day.


Achieving a seamless transition is critical for those who incorporate their natural hair with a locs braided wig. This might involve using techniques to match the texture and style of your wig with your natural hair, like twisting or braiding any exposed sections. Proper blending ensures that the wig looks like a natural extension of your hair.

Invisible Adhesives

When securing a locs braided wig with adhesives like glue or tape, it's essential to use products designed to be invisible once dry. They should not leave a noticeable residue or shine, which can draw attention to the edges of the wig. Applying adhesives meticulously and sparingly and ensuring they're apparent before placing the wig will contribute to a more natural appearance.

Styling Tips

Customized Cut

A custom haircut can dramatically improve the natural look of your locs braided wig by tailoring its shape to complement your face. This can also eliminate the uniformity of factory cuts, which often require more varied lengths and layers of natural hair. A professional stylist can create a more organic look that is less 'wig-like.

locs braided wigs 2

Appropriate Products

Utilize styling products specifically formulated for synthetic hair to maintain the integrity of the fibers. These products can help keep the locs braided wig looking realistic by preserving the texture and preventing damage that can occur when using products intended for natural hair.

Natural Parting

Customize the wig's parting for a truly natural look by plucking hairs to thin it out, replicating the sparser hair density of genuine parts. This technique helps avoid the unnaturally straight, dense part lines familiar with off-the-shelf wigs.
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Maintenance and Care

Regular Cleaning

Regular washing with a gentle shampoo designed for wigs can prevent the buildup of natural oils and styling products, keeping your wig looking and smelling clean. This step is crucial to maintaining the natural appearance and longevity of the locs braids.

Heat Avoidance

Synthetic wigs are particularly susceptible to damage from high temperatures. Use heat tools on the lowest setting to avoid altering the texture or melting the fibers. Always apply a heat protectant before styling human hair wigs to minimize damage.

Proper Storage

To preserve the lifespan and appearance of your locs braided wig, store it on a mannequin head or in a silk or satin bag. This helps maintain the wig's style, prevents tangling, and protects it from dust and environmental damage. Proper storage ensures the wig retains its natural look and is ready to wear.
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The key to creating a natural-looking locs braided wig combines styling, maintenance, coloring, application, and selection. You can give your synthetic dreadlocks an incredibly authentic look by devoting time and energy to these details. It's essential to experiment with and customize the process, so feel free to try various methods until you get the desired results. Following these tips, your locs braided wig will enhance your style while providing a natural, genuine appearance that works for any setting.

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