The Ultimate Guide to Attaching Human Hair Faux Locs

In protective hairstyles, faux locs are becoming fixtures because they provide a chic and adaptable look that respects classic dreadlocks without commitment. The realism of your faux locs can be enhanced by adding genuine hair if you're going for a smooth, natural look. But how do you attach human hair to faux locs? This guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you achieve a flawless finish.

Materials Needed

Human hair: Select either bulk hair or hair weft extensions according to the attachment method. The hair should match your natural texture and color for a perfect blend.
Crochet needle or latch hook: This specialized tool is indispensable for the crochet method. Its design allows for the smooth insertion and securing of human hair to the braids.
Scissors: A sharp pair of scissors is important for cutting the human hair extensions to your desired length, ensuring that all your faux locs meet your style preference.
Rat-tail comb: This comb's long, thin tail is perfect for parting and sectioning your natural hair with precision. This will help create a clean, organized base for your faux locs.
Hair clips: Durable hair clips will help you manage your hair by holding the separated sections in place, keeping them out of your way as you work through each loc, and preventing tangling.
Hair gel or wax (optional): A quality hair gel or wax can smooth down any flyaways and help seal the faux locs once in place.

Hair gel-faux wig

Preparing the Human Hair

Choosing the correct type of human hair is crucial. Look for hair that matches your natural hair texture and color to achieve a perfect blend. Begin by washing and conditioning the hair if it needs to be fresh from the package. After the hair is clean and dry, cut it to the length you desire for your locs wig and separate it into small sections that will be easy to handle during the attachment process.

Sectioning and Braiding Your Natural Hair

Start by using the rat-tail comb to section your hair into the parts where you want your faux locs to be. The thickness of the locs will depend on each section's size, so make your plans accordingly. Braid each section from the scalp down, stopping a few inches from the end to leave some hair loose for wrapping later. Use hair clips to keep other sections out of the way as you work.
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Attaching the Human Hair

Crochet Method

The crochet method is popular for attaching human hair to faux locs due to its effectiveness and relatively easy learning curve. Here's how to go about it:
Preparation: Begin by holding the crochet needle in one hand and the section of human hair in the other.
Insertion: Carefully insert the crochet needle through the base of a braid close to the scalp. This is an essential step since it establishes the base for the locs braids wig.
Hooking the hair:
Open the latch on the crochet needle.
Hook the human hair onto it.
Close the latch.
The human hair should now be securely in the grasp of the crochet needle.
Pulling through: Gently pull the needle back through the braid. As you do this, the human hair will also be drawn through the braid.
Securing: Once the human hair is through, make sure it's firmly attached. You might loop it through a second time or knot it to ensure it's secure.
Repeating: Continue with this process, working around the head until each braid has the desired amount of human hair added. The result should be a set of complete, robust locs evenly distributed.

Crochet Method-faux wig

Wrapping Method

The wrapping method offers an alternative approach that can give your faux locs a different texture and be less bulky than the crochet method:
Starting: Choose a section of human hair and position it at the base of your natural braid.
Wrapping: Begin wrapping the human hair around the braid, starting from the root and working your way down. The hair should be wrapped tightly and evenly to avoid bumps or loose areas.
Coverage: Ensure that you completely cover the natural hair braid as you wrap. This step is essential for achieving a uniform look that mimics real faux locs.
Knotting: If desired, you can tie tiny knots using human hair at various intervals. This can provide extra security and help maintain the integrity of the wrap. However, it's optional if the wrap is tight enough.
Finishing: Continue wrapping until you reach the end of the braid, and then secure the human hair. Some people use glue or a burning technique to seal the ends, but this should be done carefully.
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Wrapping Method-faux wig

Creating the Locs

It's time to make the genuine faux locs after the human hair is affixed. You are working your way down, around your natural braid with the human hair. To guarantee that the locs are of the same size and shape:
Maintain constant tension.
Change the tightness as you wrap if you want your faux locs to look more worn-out and natural.
Fold the ends of the human hair back onto the loc and wrap in the opposite direction until you run out of hair to deal with the ends.
To secure the hair ends using the crochet method, you can also crochet them back into the loc.

Finishing Touches

Neat Trimming: Remove loose or stray hairs from each faux locs using scissors. Ensuring every loc has a consistent, tidy appearance is the goal of this phase, not merely aesthetics. To prevent fraying or weakening the construction, take care not to cut too close to the loc's main body.
Hold and Longevity: Once the locs are trimmed, run a bit of hair gel or wax through your hands. This keeps the form of your faux locs and gives them a professional appearance. The product adds to the durability of your style and offers a hold strong enough to sustain regular use.
End Sealing: The final step in the attachment process is to seal the ends of your faux locs. To stop the ends from unraveling, twist them or add extra product. Some may employ burning or heat techniques, but these are best left to experts and should be handled carefully.
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faux locs 1

Maintenance Tips

Maintaining Integrity

Human-hair faux locs require a gentle touch to maintain their integrity. When styling, avoid pulling too hard or over-manipulating the locs, which can cause them to loosen or become frizzy. Regularly inspect your locs for signs of wear and promptly solve any issues to maintain their appearance.

Washing and Moisturizing

Wash your scalp and locs sparingly to avoid buildup and potential slippage of the faux locs. Use a mild shampoo and emphasize the scalp, letting the suds passively cleanse the locs. Moisturize your scalp and the locs with a light oil to keep them hydrated without causing buildup.

Sleep and Daily Care

Protect your faux locs at night by covering them in a silky or satin scarf or bonnet to minimize friction and frizz. During the day, protect your locs from the elements and avoid excessive exposure to water or humidity. Regularly apply a light oil or loc spray to maintain moisture and sheen.

faux locs 2


Attaching human hair to faux locs might change how your protective style feels and looks. The outcome is a gorgeously natural and adaptable hairdo, but it does require patience and attention to detail. A distinctive fusion of tradition and style can be achieved with human hair fake locs, whether you're going for a short-term or long-term protective style. Your locs may be a striking statement of your particular style that lasts for weeks or even months if you take the proper care of them. Accept the allure of fake locs and relish the process of making this unique and well-liked haircut.

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