Maintain Your Bohemian Braids: Clever Ways to Keep Them Neat and Tidy

Boho braids are the perfect summer hairstyle - they're cute, convenient, and keep your hair out of your face. However, maintaining the fresh look of boho braids over time can be a challenge. Fraying, frizzing, and loosening of the braids are common issues. Don't worry - with some simple tips and tricks, you can keep your boho braids looking fabulous for weeks.

Regularly Moisturize Your Hair and Scalp

The key to maintaining neat, tidy boho braids is to keep your natural hair and scalp hydrated. The braiding style and tension on your edges can cause dryness over time. Set a schedule to moisturize your braids and scalp two to three times per week.

Moisturizing Products

Look for moisturizers designed specifically for braided styles. These will contain ingredients like shea butter, coconut oil, and glycerin to nourish hair. Avoid products with mineral oil or petroleum, as these can cause buildup. Great options include:

Carol's Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey - This lightweight spray contains honey and biotin to moisturize hair. It reduces breakage and leaves a touchable softness.

Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier - With aloe vera juice and olive oil, this mist hydrates and defines braided textures while fighting frizz and swelling. The formula is also great for natural leave-out hair.

Mielle Organics Mongongo Oil Hydrating Spray - Containing mongongo oil high in vitamin E and fatty acids, this spray restores moisture and gives braids a healthy glow. The milky consistency absorbs well without being greasy.

Application Tips

Part your braids first - Create a straight center or side part then divide your hair into sections. Parting first ensures you apply the product directly to your scalp.

Apply using a squeeze bottle - Moisturizers applied through narrow nozzle bottles can get right to the scalp for targeted moisturizing. Gently massage in the product.

Mist braid length - After scalp application, mist the ends of your braids to hydrate the full length of hair. Concentrate on any visibly dry or brittle areas.

Moisturize leave-out daily - For boho knotless braids, mist your leave-out natural hair every morning and night. This hair takes a lot of exposure and needs frequent moisture.

Regular scalp and hair moisturizing will keep the hair within your braids strong and hydrated. This reduces frizz, swelling, and shedding for braids that stay neat and fresh.

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Refresh Your Edges

The edges along your hairline always take the most tension from braided styles like boho braids. They need a little extra care to keep them laid and flawless. Re-moisturize and neaten the edges every 2-3 days.

Edge Control Products

Edge control products like gels and waxes are perfect for slicking down flyaways and sealing the edges back into place. Apply a small amount only where needed. Options include:

Eco Styler Olive Oil Edge Control - This thick wax keeps edges slick and contained without flaking. It has a medium hold and natural olive oil sheen.

The Mane Choice Edge Fixer - This firm hold gel contains biotin and vitamin E to strengthen the edges while laying them down. It has a matte finish and minimizes product buildup.

Carol's Daughter Black Vanilla Edge Smoother - With shea butter and sweet almond oil, this gel tames edges and adds shine. It has a light tropical fragrance.

Using Scarves

Tying a silk or satin lined scarf or headwrap around your edges at night is beneficial. The soft fabric minimizes friction that can cause strands to loosen or frizz while you sleep. You can also wear scarves during the day for a cute look that also protects edges.

Daily Brushing

Use a soft bristle brush to gently sweep any flyaway hairs back into place around your edges. Make brushing motions in the direction you want the hair to lay. Be very gentle - repeated aggressive brushing can lead to breakage.

Properly moisturized, smoothed, and laid edges will take your braids from sloppy to sleek instantly. Don't skip edge touch ups!

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Redo Loose Braids

It's inevitable that over weeks and months of wear, some of your boho braids may start to loosen or unravel. Luckily, re-braiding them is easy to do yourself.

Gather Supplies

You'll need the following supplies to re-braid and secure loose sections:

Replacement braiding hair - Match the texture to your own hair. Have handy for adding length if needed.

Small crochet hook - Use to pull braiding hair through to the ends.

Edge control gel - For slicking down flyaways before re-braiding.

Beads, bands or ties - To re-secure the ends of braids once complete.


Follow these simple steps to redo loose boho braids:

Remove any beads, bands or ties from the loose section so hair is free.

Use edge control gel to smooth flyaways and fuzz around the hairline.

Divide the section evenly into three strands.

Begin basic 3-strand braiding down the length, adding in braiding hair as needed if the section seems thin or damaged.

Secure the ends with a bead, tie, or decorative band in a matching or fun new color!

Get in the habit of re-braiding any visibly loose braids every few days. This will allow you to keep your full head neat and tight for months rather than having to take braids out early.

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Change Up Your Style

While the braids themselves hold well, changing up how you style your boho box braids can give you a fresh new look as needed. Get creative with fun accessories, new parts, updos and headwraps.

Fun Hair Accessories

Add instant flair with trendy hair jewelry like cuffs, rings and decorative beads:

Gold jewelry and beads give a luxurious accent.

Wooden, leather and metal cuffs add boho texture.

Bright colored beads in patterns or solids make a fun statement.

Stack multiple pieces, like rings and cuffs together for an eclectic look.

New Parts

Change your standard middle or side part to:

A deep zig-zag part for a 90s inspired look.

A diagonal side part for asymmetry.

Multiple cascading parts for a unique detail.

Elegant swoops that meet in the back.

Have fun playing with new parts to highlight your face shape.

Cute Updos

Get your braids up and off your neck and show off their length with updos like:

A top knot piled high on your head.

A low side bun with tendrils left out to frame your face.

Half-up styles with braids left flowing in back.

Looping braids intricately into a faux hawk or crown shape.

Stylish Headwraps

Use headwraps in silk, cotton or stretchy jersey fabric to cover your braids. Try techniques like:

Turban style wraps secured with braid or jewelry at the top.

Scarf headband knots tied behind hair or off to one side.

Full coverage wraps starting at the hairline and crossed/tucked at the nape of the neck.

Have fun playing with accessories, styling and headwraps when you want to freshen up your look. Let your personality shine through!

Extend the Life of Your Braids

Want to maximize the longevity of your boho braids? Follow these handy extra tips for protecting the braids and keeping them looking fabulous:

Sleep on a silk pillowcase to minimize friction that can pull and frizz hair overnight.

Avoid chlorine damage by always wearing a swim cap when swimming in pools.

Don't over manipulate or tightly pull on braids which can cause unnecessary tension.

Check for split ends regularly and trim as needed to prevent damage spreading upward.

Deep condition natural hair before braiding and again before removal for added moisture.

Taking care to minimize daily wear and tear will allow you to keep your boho braids hairstyles pristine for months at a time!

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With the right maintenance techniques, keeping your boho braids neat and beautiful is totally achievable. Focus on keeping hair and scalp hydrated, edges controlled, re-braiding when needed, protective nighttime habits and switching up styling details. Your boho braids will maintain their fresh, flawless look for as long as you wish with these simple tips. Embrace the carefree boho braided lifestyle!

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