Salvage Your Style: Pro Tips for Fixing Unraveling Boho Braids

You took great care in getting your dream boho braids installed. But after a few weeks of wear and tear, you may notice some unraveling and frizz setting in. Don’t despair – with the right techniques, you can restore beauty and order to unruly braids. Follow these pro tips to fix common boho braid problems like fuzziness, loosened roots and ends, and flattened sections. Learning how to fix boho braids involves assessing damage, tightening roots, sealing ends, reviving limp sections, taming frizz, and more maintenance. With a little TLC, you can salvage your style and rock your braids for weeks to come.

Assess the Damage

Start by carefully examining each individual braid from top to bottom, looking for any areas that need attention. Check for fuzziness and stray hairs all along the braid, which creates a frizzy appearance. See if any roots near your scalp look loose – this leads to slippage. Inspect the ends for any indication the braids are coming undone. And take note of spots that look smashed flat or limp. Identifying specific trouble areas will guide your repair efforts.

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Tighten and Re-Secure Roots

Loose, slipped roots are common as boho braids age. This leads to further unraveling. Go row by row carefully tightening roots with your fingers, working the boho braids back up into a neat start near the scalp. You can also use small rubber bands to re-secure very loose roots. Just avoid excessive tension. For stubborn slippage, apply a small amount of gel around roots then smooth the baby hairs back into place. Re-tighten every few days.

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Smooth and Seal Fraying Ends

Ragged, frayed ends make boho braids look unkempt. Lightly smooth any ruffled end fibers downward with your finger. Apply a tiny dot of gel or styling cream and pinch the ends back into a neat point. If several inches are very loose, remove the damaged section and re-braid the last few inches. You can also finish ends with tubular elastic hair bands to contain stray hairs. Just avoid metal bands that break hair.

Refresh Dumped Sections with Moist Heat

If sections of braids look droopy or flattened, the moisture balance is off. Target these areas by microwaving a damp paper towel for 30 seconds then gently pressing it onto the flattened braids. Or, hover a blow dryer on low heat to revive shape. The moist heat restructures bonds and rebounds flattened areas. Follow up by rubbing in leave-in conditioner and oil on the revived sections to restore moisture.

Tame Frizz with Targeted Touch-ups

Look closely for frizzy fly-aways along the length of each braid. Use small gel brushes or silicone-based polishing serums to smooth errant frizz neatly into place. Apply just a tiny amount, and avoid mass frizz-fighting, which can make hair stiff or sticky. For more intense smoothing, try a cleansing bar specifically for braid edges. Gently swipe the moistened bar outward along the braid only where needed.

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Strategically Conceal Damage with Decorations

When in doubt, cover it up! Use rings, cuffs, beads, shells, elastics and threads to decorate braids and strategically conceal damaged spots. Place a jeweled barrette over frayed ends, or wind embroidery floss around weakened roots to reinforce them. You can also use hair accessories like metal clamp beads to securely keep loose ends from unravelling further.

Moisturize and Strengthen with Conditioning Treatments

Bring dry, damaged braids back to life with regular deep conditioning. Coat each bohemian braid with nourishing hair masks. Massage in oils like argan, coconut and castor oil targeting the length and ends. And mix oils into your shampoo or braid spray for added moisture. Your hair will look healthier and renewed. Limit washing to 1-2 times a month. And always seal in moisture after.

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Protect Braids Overnight

How you prep and position hair at bedtime influences next-day frizz and slippage. Gently tie your braids into a loose, high ponytail or pineapple using a soft scrunchie. Or, loosely cross and pin long braids into a low updo. This prevents friction that can further loosen braids overnight. Always sleep on a satin pillowcase as well. The smooth surface keeps bohemian braids intact.

Promptly Fix Small Issues

Don’t let minor damage spiral into full disaster. As soon as you notice slight frizz or loosening, address it promptly with targeted touch-ups. Carry moisturizing oil and edge control in your bag for midday fixes. Set a reminder to do regular maintenance like tightening roots every 3-4 days. And adjust your sleep techniques if waking up with flattened sections. Catching issues early keeps problems contained.

Know When To Call the Pros

If despite your best efforts, braids continue deteriorating, don’t DIY it to death. Excessive manipulation and overstyling creates more damage. If roots are fully loose with extensive matting and frizz down the length after 2-3 weeks, it’s time for a professional repair or removal. The braider can assess if a full redo is needed or if some sections can be salvaged. Let them handle the intensive restoration work.

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Revel in Braid Versatility

The beauty of boho braids lies in their versatility. You can play with styling to mask imperfect areas while prolonging your install. Try high ponytails, messy buns, headwraps or hats to camouflage flaws for an outfit or event. Then take hair down again and touch up. Remember, natural imperfection is part of the boho box braids look! Embrace the lived-in vibe.

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With some strategic TLC, you can salvage your beloved braids and enjoy their free-spirited style a bit longer. Focus on targeted repair of the most damaged sections first. Be gentle, gradual and consistent with moisturizing and braid care. And know when it’s time to call in the experts for a more intensive revamp. With these fixing tips, you can rescue your hairstyle from the braid abyss.

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