The Ultimate Guide to Creating Perfect Feed-In Knotless Braids

Braids have always been a classic technique to style hair, offering a low-maintenance beauty routine and a protective hairdo that encourages natural hair growth. Knotless braids have grown in favor due to their natural appearance and reduced tension on the scalp. The problem remains: how to do feed-in knotless braids? This technique is even astounding because it allows a flawless transition from natural hair to extensions. This post will tell you how to make feed-in knotless braids, ensuring you create a fabulous style while keeping your hair healthy.

Preparing the Hair

Washing and Conditioning: First, thoroughly wash your hair with a light shampoo, then apply a hydrating conditioner. This step ensures your hair is clean, moisturized, and primed for braiding.
Detangling: Detangle your hair from the ends to your scalp with a large-tooth comb or detangling brush. This prevents breakage and facilitates the smooth integration of hair extensions into your knotless braids.
Blow-Drying for Smoothness (Optional): For those who prefer a stretched base, blow-dry your hair on a low heat setting after applying a heat protectant. This step is optional but can lead to neater, easier-to-manage knotless braids.

Washing and Conditioning knotless braids

Gathering the Materials

Rat-tail Comb: A rat-tail comb is required for precise parting and sectioning of hair. Its fine-toothed end is ideal for drawing crisp lines and handling smaller portions of hair.
Hair Clips: Hair clips help keep parts of hair separate and manageable. They let you work on a single portion simultaneously without interruption from other strands, resulting in orderly and fast braiding.
Braiding Hair/Extensions: Choose braiding hair or extensions that complement your hair's structure and color. These are added to your natural hair during the feed-in process to increase the length and fullness of your knotless braid.
Edge Control or Gel (Optional): Edge control or gel can smooth down the hairline and prevent flyaways. This product aids in achieving a neat finish for your braided hairstyle.
Hair Scissors: A sharp pair of scissors is required for clipping the ends of the braiding hair or removing surplus extension hair. This offers a tidy and clean finish for your knotless braids.

Sectioning the Hair

The foundation of flawless knotless braids is meticulous sectioning. Use your rat-tail comb to divide your hair into at least four sections, securing each with hair clips to separate them. Invest time in crafting clean, straight parts because these lines are the blueprint of your braids and significantly impact the final aesthetic. This process organizes your work and ensures that each braid is uniform in size.
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Starting the Braid

Initiating the knotless braid is a critical step. Begin at the nape of the neck, choosing a small section of hair to start with. Weave this initial piece in a traditional three-strand braid, refraining from adding extension hair. This technique anchors the braid close to the scalp without the tension of a knot, setting the stage for the smooth, pain-free braiding experience that knotless braids are known for.

Starting the Braid-knotless braids

Feeding in the Extensions

The art of feed-in knotless braids is all about the imperceptible addition of hair. Begin with a small piece of extension and incorporate it into the natural hair as you braid. Add more hair in small increments, maintaining a steady hand to ensure the extensions are woven in undetectably. The goal is a gradual increase in braid thickness that mirrors the natural hair's density, achieving a seamless blend that enhances the braid's overall elegance and strength.

Mastering the Braiding Technique

The feed-in knotless braid relies on the primary three-strand braid method. Keep the tension even to avoid putting strain on your scalp, and ensure the braid is comfortable. As you move down the length of the hair, gently add more extension hair to each section, maintaining a consistent thickness.

Securing the Braid

When you reach the end of your natural hair, stop incorporating extensions. Continue braiding the added hair to the ends. To secure the knotless braids, the method depends on the hair type—synthetic extensions often seal with a quick dip in hot water, while others may need a discreet knot or a small application of nail glue to prevent unraveling and maintain a neat finish.
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Maintaining Clean Sections

Keeping Hair Moisturized: Regular moisturizing is vital for preserving the integrity of your sections and the health of your hair. Use leave-in conditioners or natural oils to keep your hair moisturized. Moisturized hair is more malleable, making it easier to handle knotless braids, and it reduces flyaways, which can disrupt your clean sections.
Using Edge Control for a Neat Look: Apply a tiny amount of edge control to the hairline and partings to help lay down stray hairs. This product is intended to offer you a polished appearance by keeping your edges sleek and in place throughout the day, thereby increasing the sharpness of your sections.
Re-parting Sections As Needed: As you work, you may notice that hair begins to stray from its allotted portion. Feel free to pause and re-part with your rat-tail comb. Realigning any misplaced strands helps keep your knotless braids wig even and your sections sharp and precise.

Edge Control-knotless braids

Repeat for Each Section

Consistency in Braid Size and Tension: As you braid each section, aim for uniform braid sizes and maintain consistent tension to prevent scalp stress and ensure comfort. Consistency is critical for a professional and symmetrical look, promoting even tension distribution and wear over time.
Symmetry in Parting: Ensure that parting remains symmetrical throughout your head. Symmetrical parts contribute to the overall aesthetic of the braided style and help distribute the weight of the knotless braids evenly, which is better for scalp health and can reduce potential discomfort.

Aftercare and Maintenance

Nighttime Routine 

At night, wrap your braids in a silk or satin scarf or use a bonnet to reduce friction, leading to frizz and breakage. This routine helps maintain the braids' neatness and can prolong the hairstyle's lifespan.

Moisturizing Scalp and Hair

Hydrate your scalp and braid length regularly with appropriate oils or sprays to create a healthy scalp environment and keep the hair within the braids conditioned. This prevents dryness and potential itchiness.

Dealing with Frizz and Flyaways

To manage frizz and flyaways, apply a light hold gel or mousse to smooth down stray hairs. Regularly applying these products can tame frizz and keep your knotless braids looking fresh. Avoid over-manipulation to prevent frizz from forming.
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Feed-in knotless braids


Feed-in knotless braids are an attractive and protective hairstyle that provides beauty and hair health benefits. While learning this braiding method may take some patience and practice, the effort is well worth it because it is a lovely and seamless braid that merges naturally with your hair. These braids not only look great, but they are also softer on your hair and scalp, eliminating strain and potential damage. With proper care, this hairstyle can retain its charm for several weeks, making it an ideal choice for individuals looking for a low-maintenance but contemporary look.

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