50 Divine Goddess Braid Hairstyles to Inspire Your Next Look!

Let's be real, goddess braids are straight-up magical! The moment you get them done, it's like pow - an instant confidence boost. You'll be serving looks left and right and channeling your inner Queen. Whether you're going for a royal vibe with elaborate braided crowns or just want a chill boho style, the options are endless. There are 50 gorgeous goddess braids hairstyles to obsess over - everything from bold warrior braids to pretty halo plaits. Each one is handpicked to hype up your natural beauty and complement your features. So get ready to embrace your inner goddess and say bye-bye to bad hair days! These braids transform you into royalty, hunty. Strut your stuff and rock your goddess braids loud and proud. Let your hair tell the world you're beautiful, powerful, and here to slay. Your inner Beyoncé is waiting to come out and play!

1. Classic Goddess Crown Braids

Classic goddess crown braid starts at the hairline, curving delicately around the head. The single thick braid resembles a royal circlet, perfect for a special occasion or wedding. For added flair, small braids can intersect the main crown braid.

Classic Goddess Crown Braids

2. Goddess Braids Updo

The goddess braids updo creates an elegant braided look. Start by braiding the hair into cornrows close to the scalp. Take the ends of the cornrows and braid them together into larger flowing goddess braids. Gather the goddess braids into a high ponytail atop the head. Coil the braids into a bun, leaving a few braids out to frame the face. Secure with pins. This updo shows off the beautiful braid pattern while keeping hair up and off the neck. The goddess braids updo is a gorgeous protective style perfect for a formal event or wedding..

Goddess Braids Updo

3. Half-Up, Half-Down Goddess Braids

Half-up, half-down goddess braids are the ideal summer protective style. With braided hair elegantly pulled up and braided loose down the back, this style is feminine, chic and goddess-worthy. The half-up design allows you to enjoy air flow on warmer days while still protecting your lengths in free-flowing plaits.

Half-Up Half-Down Goddess Braids

4. Goddess box braids

Goddess box braids fuse two popular protective hairstyles into one convenient, low-maintenance look. These braided wigs combine the bohemian, crimped texture of goddess braids with the neat uniformity of classic box braids. With defined parts and braided lengths, goddess box braids give you styling flexibility. Wear them hanging down, pulled up, looped into a top knot - the options are endless! Appreciate the ease of this dynamic braided style through long summer days and weekends getaways.

Goddess Box Braids

5. Triple-Layered Goddess Braids

Triple-layered goddess braids take this bohemian style to dramatic new lengths. With three layered rows intricately braided down the back, these goddess braids make a seriously bold statement. The extra layers add eye-catching volume and dimension to your protective style. Embrace your inner goddess energy with the hypnotic swing and swagger of triple stacked braids. Whether you’re headed to a festival, vacation or just everyday life, triple-layered goddess braids bring effortless glam to all your warm weather adventures.
Triple Layered Goddess Braids

6. Bohemian Goddess Box Braids

Bohemian goddess box braids fuse free-spirited goddess braids with structured box braids for the best of both worlds. These dreamy boho braids blend loose, crimped goddess hair with defined parts and uniform box braid tails. Enjoy extra styling versatility from this hybrid protective look. Wear your bohemian goddess box braids freely flowing or crafted into trendy updo’s. With minimal maintenance required, this mashupbraided style promises carefree summer beauty all season long.

Bohemian Goddess Box Braids

7.Goddess braids with beads 

Goddess braids with beads are an enchanting and expressive hairstyle that combines the elegance of large, cornrow-style braids with the vibrant and personalized touch of beads. This hairstyle is deeply rooted in cultural heritage and has become a modern symbol of beauty and identity.

Goddess braids with beads

8. Side-Swept Goddess Braids

Side-swept goddess braids are an elegant variation of the classic goddess braid hairstyle. This style involves sweeping the braids to one side, creating an asymmetrical look that can be both graceful and striking. 

Side swept goddess braids

8. Goddess Knotless Braids

The goddess knotless braids are simple braids done without knots for an undone, carefree look. Unlike woven braids, the strands are loose braided freehand. This allows your natural hair texture to show and the braids to unravel slightly over time. The result is low-effort styling with feminine grace. They suit medium to long, natural or textured hair and work best done with medium to large braids for a full, thick appearance.
Goddess Knotless Braids

9. Goddess Braids with Curls

Goddess braids with curls are a captivating and feminine hairstyle that combines the sleekness of braids with the playfulness of curls. This style often involves braiding the hair in cornrow-style goddess braids and then leaving the ends loose and curled, or incorporating curly extensions for added volume and length.
 Goddess Braids with Curls

10. Goddess Bob Braids 

Goddess bob braids are a chic and contemporary take on the classic braided bob style, integrating the ethereal elements of goddess braids with the sharp, clean lines of a bob haircut. This hairstyle is characterized by its blunt, even length, and typically features softer, more feminine braiding patterns that can include curls or waves.
Goddess Bob Braids

11. Long Goddess Braids

Long goddess braids create a beautiful, elongating hairstyle. Start by braiding the natural hair into cornrows close to the scalp. Take the ends of the cornrows and continue braiding down into extra long goddess braids that flow far down the back. The elongated braids are elegant and eye-catching. Decorate the ends with gold beads or cuffs for accent. Wrap the braids into a bun or ponytail to switch up the look. Long goddess braids allow you to make a statement while keeping natural hair protected and neat as it grows out. Feel like a goddess with these glamorous long braids.

Long Goddess Braids

12.Jumbo Goddess Braids

Jumbo goddess braids are a bold and beautiful hairstyle that merges the simplicity of larger braids with the intricate and regal look of goddess braids. This style is known for its fewer, thicker braids, which make a statement while also being a protective style for natural hair.

Jumbo Goddess Braids

13. Goddess Feed in Braids

The goddess feed in braids involve integrating extensions into loose individual braids for length and volume. The feed in technique ensures full braids without using tiny strands of natural hair. The result is bohemian braids with a polished finish, perfect for transforming medium to coarse textures. The extensions allow for variable lengths, colors and textures within loose, undone braids that impart an effortlessly chic goddess vibe.

Goddess Feed in Braids

14.Goddess Braids Halo

Goddess halo braids, also known as crown braids, are a timeless and elegant hairstyle that involves braiding the hair in a circular pattern around the head, creating the illusion of a halo or crown. This style exudes a regal and romantic vibe and can be adapted to suit various hair types and lengths.

Goddess Braids Halo

15.Mermaid Goddess Braids

Mermaid goddess braids produce a lovely, sea-inspired appearance. Cornrows should be made with the hair near to the scalp. Take the ends and create long goddess braids down the back by combining them. Throughout, add blue hair extensions to resemble mermaid hair. The beachy look is finished by adding starfish or seashell beads to the braid's ends. Mermaid goddess braids maintain natural hair as it develops while exuding a whimsical, coastal atmosphere. Use this distinctive braided design to bring out your inner sea queen.
Mermaid Goddess Braids

16. Diamond Parting Goddess Braids

Diamond parting goddess braids are a particularly eye-catching variation of the classic goddess braids, featuring a distinctive diamond-shaped pattern in the parting of the hair. This adds an extra layer of complexity and style to the braided look. This style is all about precision and pattern, with the diamond parts creating a geometric aesthetic that is both striking and stylish.
Diamond Parting Goddess Braids

17. Goddess Braids with Loose Ends

Goddess braids with loose ends are a beautiful and versatile hairstyle that combines the sleekness of cornrows or large, flat braids with the free-flowing beauty of loose hair. This style often features braids that are plaited along the scalp and then left undone towards the ends, creating a mix of textures and a relaxed, bohemian vibe.

Goddess Braids with Loose Ends

18. Colorful Goddess Braids

Colorful goddess braids incorporate vibrant hues into the traditional goddess braid style, either through colored hair extensions or by dyeing the natural hair. This modern twist on a classic look allows for personal expression and can be as subtle or as bold as desired. 

Colorful Goddess Braids

19. Goddess Braids Bun

Goddess braids styled into a bun offer an elegant and polished look, perfect for formal events or as a professional hairstyle. The bun adds a classic touch to the protective qualities of goddess braids, keeping the hair neatly tucked away while providing a sophisticated silhouette.

Goddess Braids Bun

20. Goddess Braids with a Bow

Goddess braids with a bow combine the elegance of goddess braids with the playful or feminine accent of a bow. Goddess braids are a larger and thicker version of cornrows, often styled in a variety of ways, such as straight back, in a halo, or even in intricate patterns. They are protective hairstyles that can last for several days to weeks and are a great way to promote hair growth while keeping hair neat and styled.

Goddess Braids with a Bow

21. Goddess Braids Fishtail

Goddess braids are merged into a fishtail braid at the back. This look begins with the classic goddess braids, which are essentially thicker cornrows that are braided very close to the scalp. Once the braids reach the back of the head, they transition into a fishtail braid. This braid is created by splitting the hair into two sections and then alternately pulling thin strands from each side to the other, resulting in a herringbone pattern that resembles the tail of a fish. The fishtail aspect adds a touch of elaborate detail to the protective qualities of the goddess braid.


Goddess Braids Fishtail

22. Goddess Braids with a Middle Part

This hairstyle features a prominent middle part with goddess braids on either side. The braids can flow straight back or be styled into various designs, maintaining the symmetry that the middle part creates. For this style, hair is parted down the center to create a symmetrical look. Goddess braids are then installed on each side of the part, with the braids often directed away from the face and down the back or around the head in a crown-like fashion. The middle part frames the face and can be a flattering look for many face shapes.

Goddess Braids with a Middle Part

23. Goddess Mohawk Braids

The Goddess Mohawk combines the boldness of a Mohawk with the elegance of goddess braids. The sides of the head can either be braided down, twisted, or slicked back with gel to emphasize the raised "Mohawk" in the center. The central braids can be thick and pronounced, extending from the forehead to the nape of the neck, simulating the classic Mohawk silhouette.

Goddess Mohawk Braids

24.Goddess Crochet Braids

This protective style involves braiding the natural hair into cornrows and then using a crochet hook to loop through hair extensions. Goddess crochet braids often leave out pieces of curly or wavy hair at the ends to achieve a more voluminous and flowing look. It's a versatile style that can be achieved with less time and tension on the scalp compared to some other braided styles.

Goddess Crochet Braids


25.Short Goddess Braids

Short goddess braids are ideal for those who either have short hair or prefer their braids not to extend too far past their shoulders. The braids are still done in the goddess style, but they end sooner, offering a lighter and often more manageable option.

Short Goddess Braids

26.Goddess Braids Ponytail

The goddess braids ponytail gathers the braids at the crown or back of the head into a ponytail. The braids in the ponytail can be left as they are, or woven into a single, thicker braid, or even twisted together. This style combines the neatness of goddess braids with the convenience and sporty look of a ponytail.

Goddess Braids Ponytail

27.Blonde Goddess Braids

Blonde goddess braids can be achieved with blonde hair or by incorporating blonde extensions into the braids. The result is a striking, high-contrast look, especially for those with naturally darker hair. The blonde color adds a modern twist to the traditional style and can range from platinum to honey blonde.

Blonde Goddess Braids

28. Medium Goddess Braids

These braids are a compromise between the long, flowing braids and the more practical short braids. They offer enough length for versatility in styling—such as buns, ponytails, or half-up, half-down looks—without the added weight of extra-long braids.

Medium Goddess Braids

29.Goddess Braids with a Headband

In this style, a headband is worn with the goddess braids, either to push the front braids away from the face or as a decorative accessory. The headband can be a simple, elegant band or a more ornate piece, potentially adorned with jewels or flowers.

Goddess Braids with a Headband

30. Goddess Braids with Cowry Shells

Cowry shells are woven into the goddess braids as embellishments. They can be affixed to the ends of the braids or placed along the braids' length at intervals. This adds a cultural or bohemian touch to the hairstyle, and the shells' natural white color offers a beautiful contrast with the hair.

Goddess Braids with Cowry Shells

31. Goddess Twist Braids

Goddess twist braids are similar to goddess braids but instead utilize the two-strand twist technique. This style results in a softer, more voluminous look than the three-strand braid. It’s also a gentler option, as twists generally place less tension on the scalp and hair.

GoddessTwist Braids

32.Goddess Small Box Braids

Goddess small box braids are a variation of traditional box braids but are distinguished by their smaller size. The hair is sectioned into small squares (or boxes) all over the scalp, and each section is braided individually from the roots to the ends. These braids can be waist-length, bobbed, or anywhere in between. Despite their size, they are versatile and can be styled in numerous ways, such as updos, buns, and ponytails. The smaller braids also tend to look more natural and can offer a fuller appearance to the hair, although they can take a considerable amount of time to install. To maintain the goddess look, some of the braids might have curly or wavy ends, giving the style a softer, romantic edge. This style can be kept for several weeks and is perfect for those looking for a protective style that minimizes daily manipulation of their natural hair.

Goddess Small Box Braids

33.Goddess Braids Human Hair

Goddess braids with human hair refer to a protective style where the braids are created using 100% human hair extensions. The use of human hair provides a more natural look and feel, allowing for the braids to move and flow more like natural hair. These braids can be washed, conditioned, and even heat-styled to some extent, just like one's own hair. Additionally, they can be dyed to match the wearer's hair color or to add highlights. Goddess braids with human hair are a premium option and are often preferred by those looking for a long-lasting, natural-looking protective style. While more expensive than synthetic options, human hair braids can offer greater versatility and a more realistic appearance, making them a popular choice for special occasions or for those seeking a high-quality braided look.

Goddess Braids Human Hair

34. Goddess Braids with Lacy Patterns

Goddess braids with lacy patterns are an intricate and delicate take on the traditional goddess braid. The 'lacy' part of the name refers to the complex patterns that are created on the scalp using thin braids woven together in a way that resembles lace fabric. This style is particularly eye-catching due to the level of detail involved and the skill required to execute it. The braids can be arranged in a variety of designs, from geometric shapes to curves and swirls, giving the appearance of a lacy overlay on the scalp. This type of goddess braid is often reserved for special events due to its elaborate nature and can serve as a statement hairstyle that's both elegant and artistic.

Goddess Braids with Lacy Patterns

35. Goddess Braids with Accents of Gold Thread

Goddess braids adorned with gold thread give off an air of regality and luxury. The braids themselves are typically large and prominent, and the addition of gold thread woven through the braids adds a shimmering effect that catches the light and draws attention. The gold thread can be wrapped around the braids sparingly for a subtle sparkle or more densely for a bold statement. This style can elevate a simple goddess braid look to something more festive and glamorous. It's a popular choice for events like weddings, celebrations, and even holidays, where a touch of shine and opulence is desired.

Goddess Braids with Accents of Gold Thread

36. Goddess Braids in a Zigzag Updo

Goddess braids styled in a zigzag updo present a playful yet sophisticated hairstyle. The braids are first arranged in a zigzag pattern across the scalp, which creates visual interest and a departure from the more common straight-back braiding style. Once the zigzag pattern is established, the length of the braids is then styled into an updo, which could be a high bun, a series of twists, or even a complex design that keeps with the zigzag motif. This style is particularly effective for showcasing the scalp's intricate braiding pattern and is also a practical way to keep hair off the neck and face, making it a stylish choice for both casual and formal events.

Goddess Braids in a Zigzag Updo

37. Goddess Braids with End Cuffs

Goddess braids with end cuffs feature metallic or decorative cuffs placed at the ends of the braids. These cuffs can serve to secure the ends of the braids, preventing them from unraveling, and add a decorative touch. The cuffs come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, though gold and silver are the most common. They can be simple bands or more ornate designs with patterns and jewels. This accessory choice adds a modern twist to the goddess braid and can be matched with jewelry to create a coordinated look.

Goddess Braids with End Cuffs

38. Pompom Goddess Braids 

Pompom goddess braids are a playful and youthful hairstyle that incorporates small, fluffy pompoms into the braids. The pompoms are usually added to the ends of the braids or spaced out along the braids' length. This style is particularly popular among children and teens but can be worn by anyone looking to add a fun, whimsical element to their hairstyle. The pompoms can come ina variety of colors, allowing for customization according to personal taste, outfits, or even themed events. While this style might not be the go-to for formal occasions, it's perfect for parties, festivals, and casual gatherings where a touch of fun and personality is encouraged.

Pompom Goddess Braids

39. Goddess Braids with Intricate Parts

Goddess braids with intricate parts take the art of parting hair to new heights. Instead of just serving as separations for where braids begin, the parts themselves are designed with intention and precision, often creating shapes and patterns that are visible on the scalp. These can include zigzags, curves, geometric shapes, and even symbolic designs. The intricate parts add an unexpected and artistic element to the hairstyle, turning the scalp into a canvas for expression. This style is not only about the braids themselves but also about the negative space between them, showcasing the braider's skill and creativity. This approach to goddess braids is perfect for those who appreciate detail and are looking for a unique twist on traditional braided styles.

Goddess Braids with Intricate Parts

40. Slicked Back Front Goddess Braids 

The slicked-back front goddess braids offer a sleek, elegant look that combines the smooth, polished appearance of slicked-back hair with the texture and volume of goddess braids. The front of the hair is combed back smoothly and can either be gelled down to lay flat against the scalp or intricately braided in a way that mimics the slicked-back look. This transition then gives way to voluminous goddess braids that can either hang down the back or be styled into an updo. This style is particularly suitable for formal events where a chic and sophisticated hairstyle is desired. It provides a perfect balance between the refined look of a slicked-back hairstyle and the protective, textured beauty of braids.

Slicked Back Front Goddess Braids

41. Goddess Braids with Bantu Knots

Goddess braids with Bantu knots combine the protective and sleek look of goddess braids with the cultural and versatile style of Bantu knots. After sectioning the hair and creating goddess braids, portions of the braids or loose hair are twisted and wrapped into small, coiled buns secured close to the scalp. These Bantu knots can be distributed throughout the head or placed strategically for an asymmetrical effect. The juxtaposition of the smooth braids with the textured knots creates a dynamic and visually engaging style. This look not only pays homage to African heritage but also offers a modern take on traditional styling. It's a perfect choice for those looking to make a bold statement and works well for both casual and dressier occasions. The Bantu knots in combination with the braids can also help to stretch and curl the hair for when the style is taken down, providing additional styling options.

Goddess Braids with Bantu Knots

42. Peekaboo Goddess Braids

Peekaboo goddess braids involve a creative placement of color or texture within the braids that is only revealed through movement or styling. This involves braiding the hair with sections that have hidden elements, such as bright colors, different textures, or even reflective materials woven in, which are not immediately visible when the hair is laid flat. The peekaboo effect is achieved when the braids are lifted or styled in a way that the hidden aspects become visible, offering surprising pops of color or pattern. This style is ideal for those who want to experiment with bold colors or accents without fully committing to an all-over change. It's also a playful choice for events or seasons where a bit of surprise in your hairstyle can be a fun conversation starter.

Peekaboo Goddess Braids

43. Tapered Design Goddess Braids

Tapered design goddess braids offer an aesthetic that diminishes in size and intricacy from the front of the head to the nape of the neck or vice versa. The braids may start out thick and gradually become thinner, or they could begin with complex patterns that simplify as they move backwards. This tapering can create a beautiful gradient effect that draws the eye and adds a level of sophistication to the style. Tapering the design can also help to shape the face and highlight features, as the larger braids frame the face and tapering draws attention upwards. This style requires a skilled hand to achieve the gradual transition and is perfect for those looking for a unique and polished braided look.

Tapered Design Goddess Braids

44. Goddess Braids with Side Accents

Goddess braids with side accents incorporate additional decorative elements along one side of the head, creating an asymmetrical look that is both striking and stylish. These accents could range from smaller, intricate braids weaved into the larger goddess braids, to the addition of beads, rings, or shells. The side accents can also include hair stitched in different colors or patterns that contrast with the main braids. This style is excellent for personalizing your look and can complement the contours of your face. It's a versatile choice that can be tailored to suit both casual and formal occasions, depending on the type and level of adornment used.

Goddess Braids with Side Accents

45. Side Part Two Goddess Braids

The side part two goddess braids style is a simple yet elegant hairstyle that involves parting the hair deeply on one side and forming two large, sleek braids. These braids typically begin at the front of the head and flow down each side, framing the face. The side part adds a touch of asymmetry, giving the style a modern edge. The simplicity of just two braids allows for thicker, more pronounced plaits that can be adorned with accessories or left unembellished for a clean look. This style works well for both casual and formal settings and is particularly flattering for those who want to showcase their facial features.

Side Part Two Goddess Braids

46.Fulani Goddess Braids

Fulani goddess braids are inspired by the traditional hairstyles of the Fulani people of West Africa. This look is characterized by braids that run along the crown of the head or from front to back, often incorporating unique patterns, as well as braids that hang down around the face and at the back. Beads and other ornaments are commonly added to the braids, especially at the ends. A distinctive feature of Fulani braids is the central braid that is often adorned with rings or beads and can be wrapped with gold or colored thread. The result is a culturally rich and visually stunning hairstyle that has become popular worldwide for its beauty and heritage significance.

Fulani Goddess Braids

47. Goddess Braids with a Dutch Braid Mix

Fulani goddess braids are inspired by the traditional hairstyles of the Fulani people of West Africa. This look is characterized by braids that run along the crown of the head or from front to back, often incorporating unique patterns, as well as braids that hang down around the face and at the back. Beads and other ornaments are commonly added to the braids, especially at the ends. A distinctive feature of Fulani braids is the central braid that is often adorned with rings or beads and can be wrapped with gold or colored thread. The result is a culturally rich and visually stunning hairstyle that has become popular worldwide for its beauty and heritage significance.

Goddess Braids with a Dutch Braid Mix

48. Goddess Braids with a Butterfly Part

Goddess braids with a butterfly part feature a unique parting technique where the part resembles the wings of a butterfly. This is achieved by creating a symmetrical pattern with the hair partings, typically in the center of the head, which then extends into beautifully sculpted goddess braids. The butterfly part is a creative touch that adds a whimsical and artistic element to the hairstyle. It requires precision and can be highlighted with subtle hints of color or glitter to further accentuate the design. This style is perfect for those who want to express their playful side while sporting a protective style that is both functional and gorgeous.

Goddess Braids with a Butterfly Part

49.Ginger Goddess Braids

Ginger goddess braids are a fiery take on the traditional style, where the braids are crafted using ginger-colored hair extensions or by coloring the natural hair. This shade can range from a rich, deep orange to a lighter, more subdued rust. The warm tones of ginger can add vibrancy and a dramatic flair to the goddess braids, making them stand out. This color choice is especially flattering for those with warm undertones in their skin and can be a bold way to make a statement with your hair. Ginger goddess braids can be further customized with the addition of beads or other hair accessories that complement the fiery hues.

Ginger Goddess Braids

50.Goddess Braids with Feathers

Goddess braids with feathers incorporate a natural or bohemian vibe into the protective style by adding feather accessories to the braids. Feathers can be woven into the ends of the braids, attached to hair beads, or used as a standalone accent within the hairstyle. The feathers chosen can vary in color, size, and texture, allowing for a personalized touch. This style is perfect for festivals, special occasions, or simply for those who wish to add an earthy and free-spirited aspect to their appearance. The combination of goddess braids and feathers celebrates both the strength and delicacy of nature, resulting in a hairstyle that is both striking and graceful.

Goddess Braids with Feathers


Each of these goddess braids hairstyles presents an opportunity to showcase your individuality and embrace your inner strength. Remember, the key to pulling off any of these looks is confidence. So, choose a style that resonates with you and wear it like the goddess you are. For those who resonate with fashion-forward choices and demand premium quality, JALIZA's range of braided wigs is an invitation to redefine personal style. Whether you seek the bohemian allure of boho curls or the sleek sophistication of a knotless box braid, the selection at JALIZA caters to a diversity of tastes and style preferences. Each piece is a work of art, intended to complement the unique beauty and personality of its wearer.

Discover the JALIZA difference and embrace the ultimate expression of fashion and functionality. Visit it to explore a world where each wig is not just a product but a piece of wearable art, created to enhance and celebrate the individuality of every woman.

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