Boho Beauties In The Gym: Putting Protective Styles To The Test

Since you're a fitness enthusiast, you're well aware of what's happening with all that hair as you run: friction, movement, and sweat that are most likely leading your locks to breakage, frizz, and damage. That's where protective styles come in: these low-manipulation 'dos are meant to keep your hair safe and secure while you work up a sweat. Not all protective styles are created equal—especially when put to the test of a serious gym session. In this article, we put some of the most popular boho-inspired protective styles to the test to see how they will hold up in a serious sweat sesh.

The Contenders

We're testing three of the most sought-after styles inspired by boho: boho braids, goddess braids, and a braided wig. Each of these styles has their own set of benefits and challenges when it comes to the actual workout, so let's actually have a look at each type of braids in respect to comfort, security, versatility, and maintenance post-working out.

Boho Braids

First, there are boho braids: easy-cool, intricately woven styles that bohemian beauties have been rocking in the glare of the fashion world. Usually, boho braids give a careless and non-symmetric feel with all kinds of textures and braid patterns developed through style.

When it comes to the gym, boho braids have a lot going for them. The loose, flowy nature of the style means that it won't feel too tight or restrictive during high-intensity workouts, and the multiple braid patterns can help to distribute tension and prevent breakage. Plus, the bohemian vibe of these braids is perfect for those post-workout selfies.

boho braids

When it comes to the gym, boho braids have a lot going for them. The loose nature and flow of the style make it not so tight and constrictive during high-intensity workouts, and the great number of patterned braids allows the tension to be nicely distributed, which keeps them from breaking. Plus, the bohemian vibe of these braids is perfect for those post-workout selfies.

However, there are a few downsides to consider. While boho styles typically remain unstructured and firm in nature, not firm like other protection styled fits, the boho braids could be more likely to get loose or even come apart during vigorous exercise activities. They may also be more difficult to keep neat and tidy over time, especially if you're prone to sweating heavily.

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Goddess Braids

On the other hand, goddess braids are the large and smooth, royal-looking cornrows that have been a constant favorite of ages in African and African-American styling. Traditional goddess braids are not very tight, and they reach up to the scalp but still leave goddess braids room for little styling variations regarding pattern and design.

When it comes to the gym, have a few key advantages. The close, secure braids fit so well that women have been known to do even the most intense workouts without fear of them coming loose or unravelling. The scalp-hugging style might even keep sweat and moisture off your face and neck.

However, aadvantage arise with this, as these kinds of braids are often done tightly and can bring pressure or discomfort during active activities such as running or jumping. It also might be harder to keep it clean and moist with time, as the close-fitting braids would block water and product from penetrating through the hair shaft.

Braided Wigs

And finally, braided wigs—the ultimate no-fuss, high-impact protective style. These are ready to wear and applied to the head and removed upon need, from simple and sleek to the bold and intricate styles. That is to say, there are a few benefits when gyming. The braided wigs are not necessarily attached to your real hair; it won't bring tension or discomfort at the time of workouts. They can easily be taken out and refreshed as and when one wants.

They are also very versatile, one getting a chance to play around with lots of looks daily without necessarily having to commit to a given protective style for so long.

However, there are a few potential downsides to consider as well. Braided wigs can also be quite expensive, especially to an individual who has a high taste and is looking forward to one that looks and feels natural. And surely, you will not want a wig that would just easily slide down or go all crooked while you do your most intense workout, so make sure the fit is very snug and comfortable on the head.

goddess braids

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The Verdict

So, which of these boho-inspired styles reigns supreme when it comes to gym friendliness? In the end, the best one will be up to you and the style you're going for. More interested in looking for a comfortable, versatile, and easy post-workout style, the braided wigs are the best alternatives. They offer the ultimate in low-maintenance styling, besides being the epitome of multi-use, since they can be changed in and out at will to suit the wearer's mood or the degree of activity being performed.

If you want a protective style that lasts with low-maintenance braid styling, maybe goddess braids are truly what you want. These give the appearance of neat, well-groomed braids, which are presentable even through vigorous workouts. Touch-ups or restyling is probably another styling option.

If your style is cooler, easier, and more of-the-moment, then boho braids are just that perfect fit for you. They're just the kind of laid-back, unstructured vibe perfect for today's chilling workout or for just lounging around the gym but are very easily spruced up by a touch of spritzing and scrunching.

And if you're looking for a style that's cool, effortless, and on-trend, boho braids may be the perfect choice. They offer a relaxed, unstructured feel that's perfect for low-impact workouts or post-gym socializing, and can be easily refreshed with a little spritzing and scrunching.

Tips for Gym-Proofing Your Protective Style

Whether or not you opt for a protective style, there are a few key tips and tricks that can actually help you maintain your hair to look and feel its best during and after your workouts.

Always use a sweat-wicking headband or scarf to keep moisture away from your hairline and scalp.

Opt for lightweight, alcohol-free styling products that won't weigh your hair down or cause buildup over time.

And please, with a clarifying shampoo, make sure that at least once a week, you clarify your scalp as well as the braids to completely remove all the sweat, dirt, and product residue.

Be sure to give your scalp and braids a thorough cleansing with a clarifying shampoo at least once a week to remove sweat, dirt, and product residue.

Use a lightweight, leave-in conditioner or braid spray to keep your hair moisturized and prevent frizz and flyaways. You can always pull off the wig if it's braided before getting into the showers. If a wig is supposed to be taken into the shower, washing it with wig-safe shampoo and conditioner should be done lightly. So now you know—rock that boho-inspired protective style with confidence, knowing your hair is kept safe, secure, and even workout-ready.

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box braids


But when it comes to gym-friendly looks, not all styles are created equal in meeting the demands of the gym. So, whatever the case may be, if you are a fitness fanatic or have recently started exercises, it can easily be possible to find a style appropriate for keeping, protecting, and styling your hair.

Whether you make a choice for boho braids with effortless cool, go for the regal polish of the goddess braid, or maybe even decide to take it easy with a braided wig, the point here would be to follow what speaks best according to your individualistic needs and preferences. Takes a time with the maintenance needed, and experiment with different protective styles until you find the look that's right for you.

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