The Ultimate Guide to 50 Butterfly Braids Hairstyles in 2024

Butterfly braids are a stunning and versatile hairstyle that has captured the hearts of many fashion-forward individuals. Yet in 2024, this trend will still be evolving, with a wide range of styles to suit different preferences and events. We explore the allure and variety of butterfly braids hairstyles that you may find interesting in this comprehensive guide.

What are Butterfly Braids?

Butterfly braids are a kind of braided hairstyle in which the braid is loosened and puffed up to mimic a butterfly's wings. These braids are usually big and fluffy, and they often incorporate extensions to give them more length and volume. Pulling gently at the sides of the braids gives them a distinct "butterfly" effect, appearing wider and more textured.

Butterfly Knotless Box Braids

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Why Choose Butterfly Braids?

Butterfly braids are appealing because they combine elegance and simplicity in a manner that is appealing. In addition to being eye-catching, they also serve a functional purpose by providing a protective style that reduces hair manipulation and damage. They are therefore a well-liked option for people who want to look fashionable without sacrificing the health of their hair.

50 Popular Styles You Need to Try  in 2024

Here, we explore 50 different butterfly braiding looks that are very popular in 2024. Each has its own special appeal and flair.

1. Classic Single Butterfly Braid

The sleek, sophisticated Classic Single Butterfly Braid is suitable for both formal and informal settings. To achieve the recognizable butterfly effect, the hair is softly tugged after a sleek, center braid. It's ideal for drawing attention to facial features, and for a more feminine look, it can be accessorized with straightforward items like flowers or clips.


Single Butterfly Braid



2. Double Butterfly Braids

This style features two parallel braids that frame the face beautifully. Each braid is thickened and loosened to resemble butterfly wings, offering a symmetrical and balanced look. Double Butterfly Braids are ideal for those seeking a playful yet refined hairstyle.

Double Butterfly Braids


3. Butterfly Braids with Beads

Beading into butterfly braids gives the hairdo a colorful, multicultural flair. Beads of various sizes and colors can be added to the braids or threaded along their ends to personalize this style and add something special that expresses the wearer's individuality.

Butterfly Braids with Beads


4. Multi-Colored Butterfly Braids

Multi-Colored Butterfly Braids provide a pop of color for those who enjoy it. The extensions mix different shades together. This look is bold and noticeable, ideal for standing out in a crowd and creating a fashion statement.

Multi-Colored Butterfly Braids


5. Half-Up, Half-Down Butterfly Braids

This style offers the best of the two worlds by fusing the flowing beauty of loose hair with the elegance of braids. A romantic and adaptable look is created by styling the top portion of the hair in butterfly braids while the remaining hair falls naturally.

Half-Up, Half-Down Butterfly Braids


6. Butterfly Braid Crown

The hair is braided around the head in a crown-like pattern to create this majestic braids hairstyle. It's excellent for events that are formal like weddings or other occasions when you want to look and feel like royalty. Here, the butterfly effect is used delicately to give the crown more depth and texture.

Butterfly Braid Crown


7. Side-Swept Butterfly Braids

A single large butterfly braid swept to one side is a glamorous choice that highlights the neck and shoulders. It’s particularly flattering for evening events and can be embellished with sparkly hair pins or a flower for an extra touch of elegance.

Side-Swept Butterfly Braids


8. Butterfly Braids Updo

An updo version involves pinning the braids up in a creative design at the back of the head. This sophisticated style keeps hair neatly away from the face and is perfect for formal occasions, offering a chic look with a hint of playfulness from the butterfly pulls.

Butterfly Braids Updo


9. Bohemian Butterfly Braids

The Bohemian braids style, with its carefree vibe that reflects a love for nature and simplicity, is relaxed yet stylish, great for outdoor festivals or a day in the sun. It involves elements such as small braids, twists, and natural flowers.

Bohemian Butterfly Braids

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10. Butterfly Braid Ponytail

This hairstyle, which starts with a butterfly braid at the crown and gathers all the hair into a high or low ponytail, transforms a traditional ponytail into a statement piece. This elegant yet sporty look can be worn for both casual get-togethers and sporting events.

Black Butterfly Braid Ponytail


11. Jumbo Butterfly Braids

Jumbo braids' large, voluminous appearance gives them a striking impression. They are ideal for people who want a bolder, more dramatic look and require less time to install. The braids can be worn in a variety of ways, such as loosely hanging or bunned.

Jumbo Knotless Butterfly Braids


12. Butterfly Braids with Scarf

Using a scarf into your braids helps to protect and manage your hair in addition to adding color. Because you can choose a scarf that contrasts or complements your outfit, this is a very versatile and beneficial style.

Black Long Twist Braids with Scarf


13. Angled Butterfly Braids

Angled braids around the head are a creative way to add an artistic touch and lengthen the face. Offering a dynamic and new look, it's a modern take on classic braiding styles.

Braids with a big butterfly


14. Butterfly Braids with Undercut

An undercut combined with butterfly braids creates a daring contrast between the bare, buzzed sides and the complexly braided hair. This modern, edgy look is ideal for individuals who want to make a big fashion statement.

Butterfly Braids with Undercut


15. Tied-Up Butterfly Braids

Tying the braids at the side or back of the head is a great way to achieve a polished appearance. This look is practical because it keeps hair out of the face and is appropriate for both formal and informal situations.

Tied-Up Butterfly Braids with butterfly pattern


16. Layered Butterfly Braids

The hairstyle gains depth and texture by layering on butterfly braids. This can be accomplished by braiding several layers on top of one another, working your way up from the nape. Because each layer is a little bit looser than the one below, a gorgeous and intricate cascading effect is created.

Layered Puffy Butterfly Braids


17. Butterfly Braids with Shells

Incorporating sea shells into butterfly braids brings a touch of the ocean to your hairstyle. This is particularly popular for beach weddings or summer events. The shells are usually threaded onto the braids, adding a natural and whimsical element to the look.

Long Butterfly Braids with Shells


18. Asymmetrical Butterfly Braids

One side of the hair is braided more heavily than the other in an asymmetrical style. This innovative method produces a chic and contemporary imbalance that grabs attention and works especially well on certain facial shapes.

black Butterfly Braids


19. Butterfly Braids with Ribbons

The addition of color and texture to butterfly braids can be achieved by weaving ribbons through them. For young girls or for special occasions like birthdays and holidays, this is a beautiful option. For an overall look, the ribbons can be matched to the colors of your outfit.

Braids with Ribbons


20. Mini Butterfly Braids

Ideal for those who prefer a subtler braid, mini butterfly braids are smaller and more numerous. They can be scattered throughout the hair or concentrated in specific areas for varying effects. This style is lighter and more versatile, suitable for everyday wear.

Mini Butterfly Braids


21. Butterfly Braids Bob

Creating a bob with butterfly braids offers a unique twist braids style on the classic bob hairstyle. This involves braiding the hair into butterfly braids up to the chin or mid-neck length, providing a structured yet decorative look.

Burgundy Butterfly Braids Bob


22. Butterfly Braids with Bangs

Bangs and butterfly braids work well together to frame the face and keep a thoroughly styled rest of the hair. Straight, side-swept, or curly bangs all contribute another level of style to the overall appearance.

Orange Butterfly Braids with Bangs and shells

23. Elegant Butterfly Braids Bun

Butterfly braids can be styled into a sophisticated bun at the back of the head for a more formal look. This elegant and refined style is suitable for formal occasions and professional settings.

White Butterfly Braids Bun


24. Butterfly Braids with Faux Flowers

Butterfly braids look romantic and festive when faux flowers are added, so they're perfect for springtime events like weddings. Depending on the occasion, the flowers can be small and understated or larger for greater impact.

Braids with multi-color Flowers


25. Butterfly Braids Mohawk

Butterfly braids can be styled into a mohawk for a more edgy appearance by gathering the braids in the middle of the head and leaving the sides more muted or even shaved. This look is daring and makes a powerful statement about fashion.

Black Butterfly Braids Mohawk


26. Waterfall Butterfly Braids

This style features braids that cascade down the back, emulating the flow of a waterfall. Beginning at the crown and progressively getting looser, the braids produce a lovely, flowing effect.

Waterfall Braids

27. Butterfly Braids with Twists

The hairstyle gains even more texture and interest when butterfly braids are combined with twists. This combination is artistic and visually striking because it can be used to create complex patterns and designs.

Natural Black Butterfly Braids


28. Sleek and Straight Butterfly Braids

Butterfly braids that are sleek and straight are best for those who want a more put together and tidy appearance. The appearance is more understated and elegant because the braids are tightly done and have less of a butterfly effect.

Sleek and Straight burgundy Braids


29. Vintage-Inspired Butterfly Braids

Vintage-inspired butterfly braids can incorporate elements such as pin curls or retro accessories, drawing inspiration from various historical periods. This look is ideal for anyone who enjoys a little nostalgia or themed parties.

Vintage Butterfly Braids

30. Glittery Butterfly Braids

Adding glitter or metallic threads through the braids can transform a standard butterfly braid into something truly spectacular, especially under evening lights. This style is particularly popular for parties or night-time events, where the hairstyle can truly shine.

Glittery Butterfly Braids


31. Criss Cross Butterfly Braids

Parts of hair are creatively crossed over each other and then braided into butterfly braids in this twist on the classic braid. This pattern adds depth and texture and is intricate and visually striking.

Criss Cross Butterfly Braids


32. Knotless Butterfly Box Braids

The knotless method of beginning the braids in this stylish version of butterfly knotless box braids helps ease tension on the scalp. For a cozy yet chic appearance, the style combines the attractive appearance of box braids with the decorative components of butterfly braids.

Knotless Butterfly Box Braids


33. Butterfly Braids with Curls

This hairstyle offers a balance of elegant braids and free-flowing curls that peek through or extend beyond the braids, creating a soft and romantic vibe. It does this by combining structured butterfly braids with spontaneous curls.

Butterfly Braids with Curls


34. Ombre Brown Butterfly Braids

The gorgeous ombre effect that shifts from a darker root to lighter brown tips makes these butterfly braids stand out. The gradient hue highlights the texture of the butterfly loops and gives the braids an updated look.

Ombre Brown Butterfly Braids with butterfly parttern

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35. Super Long Butterfly Braids

Ideal for those who love dramatic hairstyles, these extra-long butterfly braids extend well below the waist, providing a striking and glamorous look that turns heads.

Super Long and Black Butterfly Braids


36. Burgundy Butterfly Braids

These vibrant, deep burgundy butterfly braids are ideal for anyone wishing to add a pop of color to their look because of their striking and refined appearance.

Burgundy Butterfly Braids


37. Honey Blonde Butterfly Braids

Light and eye-catching, honey blonde braids bring a sunny and warm look to the butterfly braid style, making it an excellent choice for the summer months or to brighten up cooler days.

Honey Blonde Butterfly Braids

38. Red Knotless Butterfly Braids

Featuring the vibrant energy of red hair, these knotless butterfly braids combine vivid color with a comfortable braiding technique, ensuring both style and scalp health.

Red Knotless Butterfly Braids


39. Fishtail Butterfly Braids

This uncommon braid adds a chic twist to the traditional braid by fusing parts of the fishtail braid with butterfly braids. The result is a textured, intricate look.

Fishtail Butterfly Braids


40. Brown Butterfly Braids

These natural brown butterfly braids are subtle yet sophisticated, appropriate for both formal and informal settings. They are easily dressed up or down.

Brown Butterfly Braids


41. Zigzag Butterfly Braids

Adding a fun and quirky element, these butterfly braids are styled with zigzag parts, which introduce an unexpected and playful pattern into the traditional braid.

Zigzag Butterfly Braids


42. Feed In Butterfly Braids

These feed-in butterfly braids start out thin and get thicker as more hair is added, giving the hair a natural, seamless appearance that accentuates its length and volume.

Feed In Butterfly Braids


43. Butterfly Braids with Two Space Buns

This youthful and lively hairstyle is ideal for festivals, parties, or any informal outing, combining stylish butterfly braids with adorable space buns.

Butterfly Braids with Two Space Buns


44. Waist Length Butterfly Braids

These long butterfly braids create a dramatic, feminine look that is fashionable and doable, reaching the waist.

Waist Length Butterfly Braids


45. Shoulder Length Butterfly Box Braids

A shorter take on the classic style, these shoulder-length butterfly box braids offer a practical and chic option that is easy to maintain and perfect for everyday wear.

Shoulder Length Butterfly Box Braids

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46. Colorful Blue Butterfly Braids

Vibrant and bold, these blue butterfly braids are a statement piece, ideal for those looking to stand out and express their unique style through vivid colors.

Colorful Blue Butterfly Braids


47. Purple Butterfly Braids with Curly Ends

These butterfly braids create a chic and whimsical look that's ideal for creative personalities by fusing the regal purple color with fun curly ends.

Purple Butterfly Braids with Curly Ends


48. Orange Butterfly Knotless Braids

These orange butterfly knotless braids are lively and vivid, adding a cheery appearance that will accentuate any outfit.

Orange Braids with curls


49. Butterfly Halo Braid

This heavenly style wraps butterfly braids around the head in a halo or crown fashion, ideal for weddings, proms, or other special occasions where a touch of elegance is desired.

Butterfly Halo Braid


50. Chunky and Messy Butterfly Braid

Thick, loosely braided sections create an easygoing, stylish look that is ideal for a bohemian or casual aesthetic, embracing the beauty of imperfection.

Chunky and Messy Butterfly Braid


Butterfly braids come in a wide variety of styles to suit every personality, occasion, and taste. These hairstyles, which range from delicate and modest to striking and ornate, offer hair comfort and protection in addition to beauty. It's evident from looking through these 50 popular looks for 2024 that butterfly braids will still be a popular choice due to their adaptability and fashionable appeal.

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