The Intricate Art of Cornrows: Celebrating Love for Hair on Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, it's an appropriate time to explore manifestations of love that go beyond the norm. Beyond chocolates and roses, there is a unique expression of devotion and appreciation: our fondness for cultural hairstyles, particularly cornrows. The hairdo has come to represent uniqueness and strength. However, during this festivity, a question arises: What hair type is best for cornrows? Choosing the proper hair type is about more than simply looking good; it's about appreciating and loving the hair that is a part of who we are so that when we weave each strand into these beautiful patterns, we're not only creating beauty but also honoring our tresses' tenacity and versatility.

Understanding Cornrows

Understanding cornrows goes beyond admiring a haircut. They are a craft, an ancient tradition, and a complex art form passed down through generations. Cornrows have strong roots in African culture and are more than just a hairstyle; they are a means of expression. The braids, tight on the scalp, can move in straight lines or undulate with curves and complicated patterns, each telling a story about the individual's heritage, personal style, and identity. They symbolize the wearer's connection to their culture and are a proud statement of cultural beauty.

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Characteristics of Ideal Hair Types for Cornrows

When considering cornrows, various hair features come into play, influencing how well the style will hold and keep its visual appeal.
Length of Hair: Cornrows require a specific length of hair. Short hair may not have the proper hold, leading the braids to unravel prematurely. The hair should be at least a few inches long to create a solid foundation for the braids.
Texture of Hair: Hair texture can affect cornrows significantly. While every hair type can be braided, some textures lend themselves better to the style.
Hair Strength and Health: Strong, healthy hair can withstand the tension of tight braiding. Weak or damaged hair may break more quickly, so ensure your hair is as healthy as possible before attempting cornrow wigs.

Best Hair Types for Cornrows

Type 4 Hair (Kinky or Curly)

Type 4 hair is often considered the gold standard for cornrows. The tightly coiled structure of kinky or curly strands interlocks easily, creating a stable foundation for the braids. This natural grip means the cornrows are less likely to unravel, allowing them to last longer and maintain their crisp appearance without additional styling products or frequent touch-ups.

Type 3 Hair (Curly)

Curly hair, characterized by defined loops and spirals, also makes an excellent canvas for cornrows. When this hair type is well moisturized and frizz is kept at bay, the elasticity and springiness of the curls contribute to a tight and secure braid. The appropriate hair care products are vital for taming the natural volume and keeping the cornrows flat and undamaged.

Type 2 Hair (Wavy)

Wavy hair, with its soft, loose bends, can be tricky for cornrows. The smooth texture and slight slip of the waves mean that the braided wigs might not hold as tightly as they would with curlier textures. To counteract this, applying a light gel or mousse before braiding can add the necessary tackiness and control, making the wavy hair sculpt into lasting cornrows that defy the odds of its texture.

Type 1 Hair (Straight)

Straight hair, with its sleek and glossy nature, poses the most challenge for cornrows due to its tendency to slip through the braids. To successfully achieve cornrows with straight hair, braiders often turn to products that can roughen the hair's cuticle or provide additional grip. This might include texturizing sprays or volumizing mousses that give the hair some 'grit' and help the braids hold firmly in place without sliding out.
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Preparing Hair for Cornrows

Pre-Cornrow Cleansing

Begin your cornrow preparation by thoroughly shampooing to remove residue, oils, or product build-up. This ensures a clean base, which is vital for the braiding process. Think of it as starting a relationship with a clean slate, free from past entanglements.

Deep Conditioning

Follow up with a deep conditioning treatment. Just as trust strengthens bonds in a relationship, a good conditioner strengthens your hair. It helps to fortify the hair shafts, increasing their resilience against braiding tension.


Detangling is essential for preventing knots and ensuring your cornrows are as smooth and flawless as a well-planned Valentine's Day. Work gently through tangles with a broad-tooth comb or detangling brush, beginning from the ends and moving up to the roots.
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Apply a leave-in conditioner or hair moisturizer. Moisture is to hair what love is to Valentine's Day—essential. It keeps your hair healthy and pliable, which is necessary for maintaining the cornrows once they are in.


If you have fragile or chemically treated hair, consider using a protein treatment for more protection. This step can be likened to protecting your heart, ensuring it's strong enough for love's endeavors.


Trim away any split ends. In romance, we let go of the past to make way for the future. Similarly, removing split ends helps prevent further damage and allows your cornrows to look fresh and neat for longer.

Selecting Products

Choose the right products for your hair type to provide hold and texture without causing build-up. As you select the right outfit for a Valentine's date, choose the hair products to enhance and hold your style throughout your day.

Drying the Hair 

Ensure your hair is dehydrated before beginning to braid. Braiding damp hair can lead to discomfort and potential damage, much like stepping out in the rain can dampen the spirits of your Valentine's Day.

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Maintenance of Cornrows

Regular Maintenance

Schedule regular touch-up appointments, usually every 2-4 weeks, depending on your hair growth and the style's complexity. This helps keep your cornrows looking fresh and prevents the matting or tangling of new growth.

Regular Moisturizing

Cornrows thrive on moisture. Just as a relationship needs constant nurturing, your hair needs regular hydration to stay healthy. Use a spray leave-in conditioner or natural oils like coconut or argan to moisturize your hair and scalp without adding build-up.

Nighttime Protection

Protect your cornrows at night as you would protect your heart. Cover your hair with a silky scarf or sleep on a silk pillowcase. Silk helps to reduce friction and prevent frizz, keeping your braids neat and extending their lifespan.

Scalp Care

Maintaining hygiene is essential for keeping your scalp healthy and free of irritation. Use a gentle scalp cleanser regularly, or apply witch hazel with a cotton swab to remove impurities. This habit is similar to tending the roots of a growing relationship, ensuring the foundation remains firm and free of strain—a clean scalp results in a comfortable, long-lasting hairstyle.

Gentle Handling

Care for your cornrows like you would a delicate romance: with sensitive, loving care. Avoid rough manipulation or tight styling, which can cause stress on your hair and scalp. When brushing up your braids, use a delicate touch and minimal strain. This delicate handling helps to maintain both the integrity of the cornrows and the health of your hair, minimizing breaking and ensuring your braided style remains as pleasant and lovely as when it was first woven.
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As Valentine's Day reminds us of the significance of love in its many forms, let's remember the self-love and cultural affection expressed through hairstyles like cornrows. Whether you have kinky, curly, wavy, or straight hair, there's a way to make cornrows a part of your love story with your heritage and identity.

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