Unraveling the Variety: An Overview of the Different Types of Locs Braided Wigs

The world of wigs is broad and diverse, appealing to various preferences, including locs braided wigs for a dreadlock look without durability. What are the different types of locs braided wigs? They come in multiple styles, including traditional dreadlock wigs that seem like adult locs, faux locs that are versatile and easy to replace, and crochet locs that blend in with natural hair for an authentic look. The following article will look into the various types of lock wigs and their unique features to help you discover and maintain the best wig that meets your aesthetic and practical demands.

Synthetic and Human Hair Locs Braided Wigs

Synthetic Locs Wigs

Synthetic locs braided wigs are more economical and easy to maintain than human hair wigs since they use fibers like acrylic, polyester, PVC, or Kanekalon that are developed to hold their shape and color, which is helpful for complex loc styles. These wigs are appreciated for convenience, as they maintain their style without regular styling products. Synthetic fiber technology has improved, allowing these wigs to resemble natural hair in appearance and feel closely. Despite these developments, synthetic wigs often have a shorter service life—several months to a year with good care—and their heat sensitivity limits the possibilities for various styles.

Human Hair Locs Wigs 

Human hair locs wigs are the peak of natural look and style versatility. They are made from many varieties of human hair, such as European, Indian, and Chinese, each with different textures and features. Unlike synthetics, these locs braided wigs may be changed by cutting, dyeing, and styling them much like one's hair, providing a level of realism that synthetic alternatives cannot match. A human hair wig's lifespan can be extended beyond a year with reasonable care, including regular washing, conditioning, and careful style, with significantly lasting synthetic options. Furthermore, the durability of human hair to heat provides various styling options. However, this unparalleled authenticity and adaptability come at an additional expense, making human hair wigs an essential investment in one's personal styling inventory.

Styles of Locs Braided Wigs

Traditional Dreadlock Wigs

These wigs emulate the look of naturally grown dreadlocks. They are often made in various thicknesses and lengths to mimic natural dreadlock maturation's different stages and styles. Traditional dreadlock wigs can be found in synthetic and human hair versions, giving wearers a choice between more affordable and low-maintenance synthetic wigs or the natural look and longevity of human hair wigs.

Traditional Dreadlock braided Wigs

Faux Locs Wigs

Faux locs provide an alternative to the long-term commitment of growing natural dreadlocks. These locs braided wigs are typically easier to manage and can be a perfect way to test the style before committing to permanent loss. Faux locs can be made to look incredibly natural and are often indistinguishable from real dreadlocks, depending on the quality and installation.

Faux Locs braided Wigs

Crochet Locs Wigs

Crochet locs offer a natural look with a weave that seamlessly integrates with your natural hairline. The method involves crocheting synthetic hair extensions through cornrowed natural hair. This technique creates a secure look on the head, is versatile in styling, and is more organic than other locs braided wig types.

Crochet Locs braided Wigs

Length and Size Variations

Short Locs Wigs

Short locs provide a more conservative and easy-to-manage option. They are less likely to tangle and can be a great starting point for those new to wigs, or the locs style. These wigs can range from just a few inches in length to reaching the nape of the neck.

Medium-Length Locs Wigs

Medium-length locs offer a versatile middle ground. They provide enough length for various styling options while still being relatively easy to care for. These locs braided wigs might fall anywhere from the neck to the shoulders.

Long Locs Wigs

Long locs are for those seeking a dramatic, eye-catching look. These locs braided wigs require more maintenance due to their length, which makes them more prone to tangling and accumulating lint or debris. They can reach well below the shoulders and even down to the waist or longer.

Styling Variations

Bob Style Locs Braided Wigs

Bob-style locs are a modern take on the traditional locs, providing a sleek and fashionable look. This style frames the face and offers a sophisticated and edgy appearance.

Layered Locs Braided Wigs

Layering adds volume and movement to locs wigs, creating a more dynamic and textured look. Layered locs wigs can be customized to accentuate the wearer's features and personal style preferences.

Colored Locs Braided Wigs

Offering an expansive palette, colored locs wigs allow self-expression without the commitment or potential damage of dyeing one's natural hair. These wigs cater to aesthetic desires, from subtle highlights to complete color transformations.

Colored Locs Braided Wigs

Customization Options

Parting Variations

The part of a locs wig can significantly affect its appearance, as it frames the face and can determine how natural the wig looks. Wearers can choose between a middle part, which provides:
A side part can soften the look and is often considered more natural.
No part, standard in fuller wigs, is designed to be styled freely.

Decorative Elements

Adding decorative elements to locs braided wigs can personalize and elevate the style. Beads and hair wraps are fashionable and can pay homage to cultural practices associated with dreadlocks. Other accessories might include shells, metal cuffs, or rings threaded onto individual locs. These elements offer an additional layer of customization, making each wig uniquely tailored to the wearer's taste.


Locs braided wigs provide a versatile and adaptable solution for people who want to embrace the dreadlock style with elegance. There is a wig to fit every preference and budget, with options ranging from synthetic to human hair and classic, faux, and crochet locs. Styles range from short to long, with options such as bobs and layered looks. At the same time, color and parting variants offer additional customization. Whether you want a low-maintenance solution or an elegant natural look, locs braided wigs are an expressive and helpful way to change your hairdo without making an ongoing investment. They represent a fashion decision and an opportunity to honor ethnic customs and personal style.

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