Cornrow Braids

Discover the Beauty of Cornrow Braids: A Fusion of Modern Elegance and Tradition. Our cornrow braid wigs collection pays a tribute to the ageless design of cornrow braiding while updating it for the modern woman. Each cornrows wig is an outstanding piece of artwork, capturing the complexity and charm of this enduring hairstyle. Without requiring the time or energy needed for traditional braiding, you can get the elegant appearance of cornrows for wigs. These cornrow wigs are perfect for any occasion because they provide a protective style that is both elegant and practical. To complement your unique taste and way of life, we've carefully chosen a range of patterns and lengths. Discover the ideal combination of artistry and practicality, and elevate your appearance with a Cornrow Braided Wigs' sophisticated beauty.

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Wig lace type
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Cornrow Box Braided Wig 26" Full Hand-tied HD Lace 90 Strands - No Baby Hair

Cornrow Box Braided Wig 26" Full Hand-tied HD Lace 90 Strands - No Baby Hair

$219.00 USD $169.00 USD
4 interest-free installments Product details Hair Material Premium quality synthetic fiber Lace Type Full hand tied lace design, 13x1 HD + full transparent lace Cap Size Standard Medium (Circumference 22.5")...

Cornrow Wigs: Weaving Tradition with Trend in Every Strand

Why choose JALIZA's Cornrow Braids Collection?

Quality Craftsmanship: Each Cornrows Wig is crafted from premium materials to ensure not only beauty but also lasting durability—holding elegance throughout time.

Comfortably Fit: Ergonomically designed for a snug and secure fit during activity on the go, each wig is designed to fit comfortably around the head.

Cultural Pride: Embrace the beauty of braided styles that have been celebrated for generations.

Fashion Forward: Always on the leading edge of hair fashion, JALIZA helps you stand out with impeccable taste.

How to do cornrow braids?

Start by detangling and moisturizing your hair thoroughly. Then, part your hair into neat, straight rows from front to back. Working row by row, braid the hair close to the scalp using an under-crossing technique, ensuring each braid is tight and neat. Secure the ends of each braid with a small elastic or braid sealant.

How to sleep with cornrow braids?

Here are some tips for sleeping with cornrow braids:

Wrap Your Braids

Before bedtime, gather your braids and wrap them in a silk or satin scarf or bonnet. This prevents frizz and reduces friction against the pillowcase which will help you minimize the breakage.

Use a Satin/Silk Pillowcase

Switch out your regular pillowcase for a satin or silk one. The smooth surface creates less friction and tension on your braids while you sleep.

Avoid Sleeping On Braids

Try to sleep on your side or stomach rather than directly on the back of your braids. The weight and pressure can loosen or disfigure the braid pattern.

Apply Light Oil or Moisturizer 

Before wrapping, apply a small amount of lightweight hair oil or braid moisturizer to keep braids conditioned and make them easier to style in the morning.

Fluff and Re-Part in the Morning

In the morning, unwrap your braids and use your fingers to gently fluff and re-part the roots to restore the braid pattern and definition.

Following these simple steps helps preserve the look and integrity of your cornrow braids overnight so you can wake up with fresh, frizz-free braids.

How long do cornrow braids last?

Normally, cornrow braids can last about 4-8 weeks with proper care.

How to wash cornrows braids?

Washing cornrows braids requires a gentle approach. Mix a sulfate-free shampoo with water. Use a soft brush or fingers to gently scrub the mixture onto your scalp, avoiding the braids. Thoroughly rinse, letting the water run down the braids. Follow up with a lightweight, moisturizing conditioner, applying it only to the braids and not the scalp. Rinse again, and allow your braids to air dry completely.

Where did cornrow braids originate?

Cornrow braids originated in various African cultures thousands of years ago.This intricate technique held deep cultural significance. It served practical and symbolic purposes across Africa.Named for resembling corn rows, cornrow braids remain integral to many African traditions and have also become popular modern hairstyles.

What type of lace is used for the JALIZA cornrow braid collection?

For our JALIZA cornrow braid wigs, we use premium full hand-tied HD lace. This provides an undetectable, natural-looking hairline that blends seamlessly with your skin. The finely-woven, breathable lace allows excellent ventilation and all-day comfort. While lightweight, it's remarkably durable and can withstand regular styling without tearing or stretching. The invisible knots and realistic hairline also allow for versatile, natural-looking parting and styling options from any angle.

How long do JALIZA's cornrow wigs last?

Most braided wigs endure just 4-6 months with frequent wear. JALIZA cornrow wigs last around 1 year with proper care, made from premium materials for extended longevity compared to others on the market. Our superior materials and techniques deliver exceptional durability. The key is to gently wash, minimize damage, and regularly condition the wig according to our care instructions. This allows you to maximize the lifespan of your JALIZA cornrow wig. While ordinary braided wigs may only last a few months, our wigs offer excellent value by maintaining their vibrant, lustrous looks for up to a full year with the right care practices.