Time Investment for Small Knotless Braids: How Long Does the Styling Really Take?

Knotless braids have taken the world of hairstyling by storm, offering an elegant and comfortable protective style. Small knotless braids, in particular, have become a favorite for their sleek appearance and reduced tension on the scalp. However, "how long do small knotless braids take?" is a common question among those considering this intricate hairstyle. In this article, we delve into the factors that influence the installation time of small knotless braids and provide some guidelines on what to expect when planning this chic, versatile look.
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Understanding Small Knotless Braids

Small knotless braids are a variant of the typical box braid that begins with your natural hair and eventually incorporates braiding hair. This approach eliminates the little knot at the base of the small knotless braid, which is familiar with box braids. The end effect is a smoother, flatter braid that is easier on the margins and scalp.

The appeal of small knotless braids stems from their seamless appearance and the comfort they provide. Without the knot, the small knotless braids lie flat against the head, resulting in a more natural drape of hair. They are also less in weight, reducing the danger of tension alopecia, which is familiar with heavier braid types.
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Factors Influencing the Time Required for Small Knotless Braids

Understanding the factors contributing to the time required to create small knotless braids is crucial for setting realistic expectations and appropriately planning. Let's delve deeper into each of these factors:

Hair Thickness and Length

The unique qualities of your hair are likely the most critical indicators of the time required for your braiding session. Thick hair has more volume. Thus, the braider needs to take smaller portions to keep the braids looking small. This results in more braids overall, which increases the time required. Similarly, longer hair requires more time to braid from root to tip. If your hair is thick and long, expect the process to take longer than usual.

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Braid Size and Desired Length of Braids

The term 'small' in small knotless braids can vary somewhat from one stylist or region to another. It's imperative to discuss and agree on the exact size of the braid with your stylist beforehand. Smaller braids mean more individual braids to cover the entire head, which directly translates to more work hours. 

Furthermore, the desired length might significantly increase the braiding time. Extending the braids beyond your natural hair length necessitates more precise labor to integrate the braiding hair flawlessly and ensure that each braid is uniform in size and length.

Braider's Level of Experience and Technique

A seasoned braider can work swiftly and efficiently, knowing exactly how to part the hair, the proper tension to apply, and how to feed in braiding hair quickly. An experienced braider has also likely developed a rhythm that makes the process faster. On the other hand, a less professional braider might take more time as they may be more meticulous and careful with each braid to ensure quality.
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Preparation Time (Hair Washing, Drying, and Stretching)

When you arrive at your appointment, the condition of your hair dramatically affects the time taken to complete the small knotless braids. Hair that is tangled, unclean, or not stretched out hair can delay the braiding process's start. To save time, it's best to arrive with your hair washed, detangled, and stretched (if your hair type requires it). Some salons offer hair cleaning and blow-drying services, which will add to your appointment time.

Breaks During the Braiding Process

The duration of a small knotless braid installation also depends on the number and length of breaks taken. Both the client and the braider need breaks, especially for a style that can take several hours. These breaks are necessary to reduce strain on the client's neck and back and to prevent hand and wrist fatigue for the braider. While breaks are essential for comfort and health, they add to the overall time.

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Additional Considerations

Complexity of the Style

Incorporating patterns or designs into your small knotless braids, such as a heart or zig-zag parts adds complexity and time. Precise parting is crucial for these styles and requires a steady hand and extra attention to detail.

Hair Texture

Your natural hair texture can also influence the braiding time. Curlier, kinkier textures may need more time to part and braid neatly, whereas straighter textures might be quicker.

Use of Extensions

The type of braiding hair used can affect the time it takes to install your small knotless braids. Some synthetic hair types are easier to handle and feed into the braids. In contrast, others might be more slippery or difficult to work with, potentially slowing down the process.

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Personal Pain Threshold

Some clients have a lower tolerance for the pulling and manipulation involved in the braiding process. The process may take longer if the braider needs to be extra gentle to accommodate a sensitive scalp.

All of these parameters must be considered to accurately estimate the time required to install small knotless braids. When arranging your appointment, it's a good idea to discuss these factors with your stylist to align your expectations with the reality of the time it will take to accomplish your desired look. As a brand that honors the intricacies of African hair artistry, uBraids is proud to be a part of the JALIZA Wig Store, providing an exquisite selection of braid wigs designed for the modern black woman. Our commitment to quality and style is evident in every handcrafted wig we offer, from our meticulously small box braids to our elegantly constructed knotless braided wigs. At uBraids, we understand the value of time and the desire for versatility in protective styling, which is why we ensure that our wigs embody both convenience and fashion.

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Estimated Time Frames

The average installation time for small knotless braids is 5 to 9 hours. This broad range encompasses all of the variables previously discussed. For example, putting small knotless braids on medium-length and medium-thick hair may take around 6 hours. However, the same style on thicker and longer hair may take closer to 8 or 9 hours.

Preparing for Your Braiding Session

To save time in the braiding chair, carefully wash your hair and remove any tangles. If your hair is prone to shrinking, extending it with a blow dryer or band can help save time. It is best to schedule your appointment on a day when you are not pressured for time, and you should always talk with your braider about any time constraints you may have.
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The Braiding Process: A Step-by-Step Overview

The process begins with sectioning the hair into small, precise squares or the desired shape for the parting. The braider begins the small knotless braid with your natural hair, gradually feeding in small amounts of braiding hair to build up the braid to the desired thickness. This process involves talent and time, as the amount of hair added must be consistent for a uniform appearance. Once the braid reaches the intended length, the ends are sealed, often by dipping them in hot water or using a lighter to burn them slightly, ensuring they do not unravel. Whether you desire the classic elegance of small box braids or the sleek, refined look of a knotless braided wig, uBraids offers a solution that minimizes the strain on your scalp and maximizes your style options. Our wigs are not just a statement of fashion but a testament to our commitment to providing styles that cater to the modern, dynamic lifestyle of our customers.
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Aftercare and Maintenance

With proper management, your small knotless braids can last longer. You might be wondering, "How long do small knotless braids take to maintain their best look?" Bedding with a silky or satin scarf or hat helps to prevent frizz and keep braids neat. Regularly applying light oils to your scalp can prevent dryness. Depending on your hair's growth pace and how carefully you care for the small knotless braids, the style can last 4 to 8 weeks. It's crucial to avoid leaving in braids for too long to prevent matting and potential damage to your natural hair.


The time taken to install small knotless braids varies widely. It is influenced by several factors, including the natural hair's characteristics, the braider's experience, and the desired braid size and length. Proper preparation and aftercare minimize the time spent in the salon and maximize the braids' lifespan. If you're considering small knotless braids, consult a professional braider to discuss your hair's specific needs and get a more accurate time estimate. Embrace the process, and you'll emerge with a hairstyle that's as stunning as practical. At uBraids, we understand that choosing the right hairstyle is not just about the look; it's about embracing a lifestyle that values time and comfort without compromising beauty. Our brand specializes in creating high-quality braided wigs, including small box braids and knotless braided wigs, designed to offer the elegance of traditional braids with the convenience of modern wig craftsmanship.

By selecting a uBraids wig, you embrace a protective style that honors both your time and your hair's health. Our small box braids wig offers a classic look with an edge of sophistication, while our knotless braided wig range provides a seamless and contemporary option that speaks to the essence of comfort and ease.

We take pride in our ability to deliver braided styles that not only protect your natural hair but also enhance your personal style with the utmost elegance. Whether you're seeking a new everyday look or something special for an occasion, uBraids ensures you can achieve it without the prolonged time investment typically associated with traditional braiding techniques.
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