Rock Your Box Braids and Run: Braiding Tips for Active Lifestyles

Box braids are a popular protective hairstyle for black women who lead active lifestyles. The braided style allows you to break a sweat without worrying about your hair, making it ideal for working out and playing sports. But not all box braids are created equal when it comes to exercise. Here are some tips on rocking box braids that look fabulous and last through even your toughest workouts.

Choosing the Right Box Braid Style

When getting your box braids done, opt for a style that will hold up with movement. Very long, heavy braids will swing around and eventually loosen with repetitive motion. Medium length braids that fall just past your shoulders are a better choice. Avoid braids that hang below your chest or middle back.

For your box braid style, choose braids that are relatively small in width. Thick, jumbo braids have a tendency to unravel faster than slim to medium sized braids. The smaller your braids are, the longer they will likely last through regular activity.

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Getting the Right Box Braid Length

Don’t go overboard on length when getting box braids for working out. Extra long braided styles may look gorgeous, but all that weight swinging around can loosen up your braids quicker. Aim for a length that falls somewhere between your chin and collarbones. This provides enough length for a cute style while preventing too much swing during movement.

For very active lifestyles, consider opting for bob length box braids. Shorter braided styles that graze your jawline or shoulders will be the most secure and low maintenance. Bobs make it easy to workout and play sports without the distraction of long extensions.

Choosing Secure Extensions

The type of hair used for your box braids will impact how well they hold up during exercise. Synthetic fibers like Kanekalon are affordable, but heat and activity can cause them to fray over time. For durable workout box braids, choose human hair extensions box braids instead.

You can also opt for pre-stretched human hair extensions when getting your box braids done. The stretching process helps the hair hold better while working out. Yaki textured human hair mimics the look and feel of relaxed afro-textured hair, making it a great extension option as well.

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Protecting Your Braids During Exercise

Even the most secure box braids need a little extra protection during workouts and sports. Tying a silk scarf or durag around your edges helps keep braids intact when you sweat. The smooth fabric also prevents friction that can loosen braids over time.

For running or high intensity training, secure your braided hair in a high ponytail. Use cloth hair ties instead of rubber bands, which can snag and pull on delicate braids. The ponytail contains all your swinging hair in one place.

You can also opt for a braided style like cornrows underneath a wig or braided wig. The wig adds another protective layer and absorbs sweat so your actual braids stay fresh longer. Just switch out your wig as needed after intense workouts.

Low Maintenance Braid Care

Caring for your box braids properly is key to making them last between appointments. Use a gentle shampoo and conditioner made for braided hair once a week. Dilute the shampoo with water and focus on the scalp without over-manipulating the braids.

After washing, apply a braid spray with moisturizing oils. Massage the spray along the length of your braids, concentrating on the ends. Smooth any flyaway hairs with a small amount of edge control gel.

At night, cover braids with a scarf or bonnet. This prevents friction that can loosen braids while you sleep. Avoid over-moisturizing your boho braids, which can make them heavy.

When to Take Down Box Braids

Even with good care, box braids don't last forever with frequent activity. Exercise causes you to sweat more, which builds up residue along the braids over time. Signs your active lifestyle box braids need a take down include excessive frizz, braids starting to unravel, white buildup near the scalp and a foul odor.

Most stylists recommend taking down box braids after 6 to 8 weeks. But for heavy exercisers, that time period may be shortened by a few weeks. Get to know how your individual braids wear over time. Schedule a takedown once fraying and unraveling become noticeable throughout the style.

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Rock Your Active Lifestyle

Don't let worries over your hair hold you back from an active lifestyle. With the right protective box braid style and care, you can slay your workouts without compromising your fabulous braided wigs look. Feel empowered to get moving knowing your braids will last.

Strategically choosing smaller, shoulder length box braids done with secure human hair extensions is key. Contain braids in a high ponytail or scarf during exercise. Keep braids fresh between appointments with gentle washing and moisturizing. Time takedowns before buildup and unravelling take over.

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Rock your amazing box braids with confidence as you run, dance, play sports and work up a sweat. With the right tips, you can workout hard and look great doing it in your long lasting braids. Don't let hair be a barrier to being active. Take charge of your health and wellness journey by braiding your tresses for success.

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