Everything You Need to Know About Crochet Locs: Styles, Benefits, and Tips for Embracing This Versatile Hairstyle

Crochet Locs

What are crochet locs?

Crochet locs are a style of hair extension that resembles classic dreadlocks. The crochet hook method is used to add crochet locs to the hair, as compared to the matting and twisting of one's natural hair that goes into actual dreadlocks. Because of its low maintenance requirements, this style is popular. It also protects natural hair from environmental stressors like dry air and severe weather. People who want to try out the dreadlock look without committing to locking their natural hair permanently are especially fond of crochet locs. They can be created with a variety of synthetic hair types, like Marley or water wave hair, which are picked for their texture and capacity to mix in perfectly with the wearer's natural hair.

Difference between locs and crochet locs

The main distinction between traditional locs and crochet locs centers around commitment and permanence. Traditional locs are a long-term or permanent commitment, where the individual's natural hair gradually mats and intertwines to form locs. This process involves continual grooming to maintain the neatness of the locs. Conversely, crochet locs braids are a temporary style that employs hair extensions to create the appearance of locs without permanently altering the natural hair. This allows for the style to be easily removed, providing flexibility and less commitment compared to traditional locs.

Trendy Styles of Crochet Locs to Try

1. Boho Goddess Locs

Boho Goddess Locs capture the essence of a laid-back, natural vibe with their wavy and slightly unkempt appearance. They utilize softer, lighter synthetic hair, which contributes to a voluminous and airy look, perfect for those aiming for an effortlessly chic style that radiates a free-spirited allure.

Boho Goddess Locs

2. Boho Supreme Locs

For those seeking to make a striking statement, Boho Supreme Locs offer extraordinary length and fullness. Their regal, thick appearance goes beyond traditional loc styles, providing a bold and commanding presence that stands out in any crowd, embodying a look of strength and confidence.

Boho Supreme Locs

3. Boho Queen Locs

Featuring a sophisticated mix of smooth and curly textures, Boho Queen Locs are intricately designed for a seamless blend. This style caters to those who seek complexity and flexibility in their hairstyles, enabling a variety of elegant styling choices.

Boho Queen Locs

4. Boho Mermaid Locs

Inspired by the mystical allure of mermaids, Boho Mermaid Locs blend traditional locs braids style with gentle waves for a dreamy and whimsical appearance. This style appeals to those longing for a hairdo that balances structured and free-spirited qualities, reminiscent of the enchanting sea.

Boho Mermaid Locs

5. Boho Distressed Locs

Boho Distressed Locs give off a tough, textured vibe, closely resembling naturally weathered locs. This hairstyle is geared towards those who favor an edgy, gritty aesthetic that adds depth and character, creating a striking statement with its uniquely distressed texture.

Boho Distressed Locs

6. Boho Silk Locs

Crafted with a silky-smooth texture, Boho Silk Locs exude a sleek, shiny finish reminiscent of delicate silk. This style is suited for individuals who prefer a refined and elegant look, providing a luxurious sensation that is both pleasing to the touch and aesthetically appealing.

Boho Silk Locs

7. Boho Beach Locs

Boho Beach Locs are the perfect choice for a relaxed, vacation-like atmosphere, featuring lighter, sun-kissed colors and a tousled texture that mimics the impact of ocean breezes. This style is great for those who wish to carry the free-spirited vibe of summer into any season.

Boho Beach Locs

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8. Color Pop Locs

Bright and dynamic, Color Pop Locs use vividly colored extensions to create an eye-catching contrast with your natural hair color. Perfect for those who want to stand out, this lively hairstyle introduces a splash of color that will definitely turn heads.

Color Pop Locs

9. Ombre Locs

Ombre Locs showcase a flawless gradient from the roots to the tips, creating a stunning visual transition. Ideal for those looking to combine colors in a way that's both understated and impactful, this style enhances the locs with added depth and intrigue.

Ombre Locs

10. Two-Tone Locs

Dynamic and customizable, Two-Tone Locs incorporate two distinct colors either layered or side by side. This style is excellent for reflecting personal style or embracing seasonal color trends, offering a playful yet sophisticated look.

Two-Tone Locs

11. Honey Blonde Locs

Honey Blonde Locs deliver a sumptuous, warm array of golden colors that amplify the natural depth and glow of the locs. This vibrant and flexible color is superb for anyone looking to lighten up their look and match a variety of skin tones.

Honey Blonde Locs

12. Layered Locs

Featuring varying lengths, Layered Locs create a dimensional and voluminous effect. This style adds visual interest and movement to the locs, making it ideal for those seeking a dynamic and textured hairstyle.

Layered Locs

13. Twisted Locs

Twisted Locs involve intertwining two strands around one another to achieve a rope-like texture. This variation adds intriguing texture and a unique twist to the traditional loc style, suitable for those looking to diversify their loc appearance.

Two Strands Twisted Locs

14. Short Bob Locs

Short Bob Locs are a trendy and practical solution for individuals who like shorter hairstyles. By combining the bob cut's classic elegance with the unique texture of locs, these offer a sophisticated and easy-to-manage hairstyle option.

Short Bob Locs

15. Curly Locs

Curly Locs integrate the firmness of locs with the delicate appeal of curls, whether they are placed at the ends or distributed throughout the hair. This style offers a romantic and feminine look, suitable for those seeking to blend the robustness of locs with the soft, elegant curves of curls.

Curly Locs

16. Jumbo Locs

Jumbo Locs are crafted with thicker strands, making each loc more pronounced and bold. With fewer locs needed due to their size, this style offers a dramatic visual impact and a quicker installation process, appealing to those who desire a bold and distinctive look with practical time-saving benefits.

Jumbo Locs

Benefits of Crochet Locs

1. Protective Style

Crochet locs are awesome if you're looking for a protective hairstyle. They cover up your natural hair, shielding it from the sun, wind, and all that environmental stuff that can mess it up and dry it out. Plus, since your hair is braided underneath the locs, it doesn't get all the wear and tear from daily styling—like brushing, combing, or using heat tools. This kind of protection keeps your hair healthy, helps it grow by cutting down on breakage, and keeps it nice and moisturized.

2. Ease of Installation

Crochet locs are super popular because they're really easy and fast to put in. Unlike traditional locs that take forever with all the twisting and upkeep, or sew-in weaves that need a lot of braiding and sewing, crochet locs use a simple crochet hook to pull premade loc extensions through cornrows on your scalp. You can get it all done in just a few hours, which is perfect if you're busy but still want to rock a cool, full-head hairstyle.

3. Versatility in Styling

Crochet locs are all about flexibility, letting you change up your style without doing anything permanent to your natural hair. You've got tons of options: they come in lengths that range from shoulder-length to all the way down to your waist, and in colors from natural hues that blend right in, to bold ones that really stand out. Plus, you're not stuck with just wearing them down—you can style them into updos, ponytails, buns, or even mix it up with some braids. This makes crochet locs an awesome choice if you like to switch things up for different events or just want to play around with your style without the commitment or risks like dyeing or cutting your natural hair.

crochet locs braids

Maintain crochet locs

Maintaining crochet locs involves a series of steps to ensure both the longevity of the style and the health of your natural hair. Here’s a concise guide on how to care for your crochet locs:

1. Installation

Choose the right base for your crochet locs, such as braids or twists. This base should be secure and neat to support the locs. Consider the type and texture of the extension hair, with options like marley or water wave hair being popular for their natural appearance.

2. Cleaning

Keep both your scalp and the locs clean. Wash your scalp and the locs gently using a mild shampoo. Focus on the scalp to remove buildup without overly manipulating the locs. This can be done every two weeks or as needed, depending on your scalp's sensitivity and product buildup.

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3. Moisturizing

Apply a light, water-based moisturizer or leave-in conditioner to your natural hair and the locs to keep them hydrated. Avoid heavy products that can cause buildup.

4. Nightly Care

Protect your crochet locs at night by covering them with a satin or silk scarf or bonnet. This reduces friction and prevents frizz and tangling.

5. Root Care

Regularly check and gently tighten the locs if they become loose, especially near the roots. This can help maintain the neatness of the style.

6. Limit Styling Stress

Avoid excessive pulling or styling that puts stress on your roots. Opt for gentle, loose styles that don’t pull on the locs or your natural hair.

7. Duration

Don’t overextend the wear of your crochet locs. Typically, they should be kept for no longer than three months as prolonged wear can stress and damage natural hair.

Butterfly Locs

JALIZA Braids Crochet Locs

JALIZA offers a variety of crochet locs that emphasize both simplicity and elegance in the designs. Our products, such as the Tangleless Crochet Boho Locs Braids with Human Hair Curls, are praised for the authentic appearance and the convenience of installation. JALIZA ensures a secure payment system and provides options for interest-free installments, appealing to a broad customer base looking for quality and affordability. 


For women who want to experiment with different braids hairstyles without giving up the beauty of their natural hair, crochet locs are a great option. It is a flexible and attractive choice in the world of hair fashion because there is something that suits every personality and occasion due to the variety of styles available. Furthermore, frequent style changes are possible with crochet locs due to their ease of installation and removal, which eliminates the commitment and potential damage associated with more permanent hair solutions. Because of their versatility, crochet locs are especially attractive to people who like to play around with their appearance or who require flexibility for personal or professional obligations. Crochet locs offer a protective and fashionable way to achieve your desired look, whether you're going for a bold, dramatic statement or a simple, understated style.

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