Boho Braid Blunders: Avoid These Errors to Prevent Snarls and Knots

Boho braids are one of the hottest trends right now, with their messy, carefree look that brings a touch of Coachella style into everyday life. But as fun as these braided hairstyles can be, they do come with a downside: tangles. All those delicate, interwoven strands make boho braids prone to knotting, frizz and general chaos. Don’t let your ‘do end up a tangled disaster! Avoid these key braiding mistakes to keep your boho braids smooth, sleek and tangle-free.

Not Using the Right Products

One of the most common mistakes when it comes to boho braiding is not using the right hair products. Boho braids require products that add hold, minimize friction and control flyaways. Skipping products like leave-in conditioners, styling creams and oils is a recipe for tangled, matted braids.

Leave-In Conditioners

A good leave-in conditioner is crucial for minimizing knots and snags in boho braids. Leave-in conditioners coat the hair shaft with moisturizing ingredients, reducing friction between strands and preventing them from catching against each other as you braid. Silicones like dimethicone are great friction reducers. Look for lightweight leave-ins designed specifically for braided wig styles - they will contain the right balance of moisturizers, friction reducers and detanglers. Apply leave-in generously from roots to ends before braiding. Focus on the mid-lengths and ends as those parts rub together most inside the braids. The leave-in makes it smooth sailing.

Styling Creams

Styling creams like curl creams or styling milks also help cut down on friction and flyaways that lead to tangled braids. They add hydration while also coating the hair shaft to make it more slippery. Like leave-in, focus the cream on the ends of your hair before braiding, as the ends tend to be driest and suffer the most tangling. Apply a coin-sized amount of the styling cream, smoothing and scrunching it into the ends. This helps them glide smoothly against each other inside the braids rather than snagging.


Lastly, never underestimate the power of oils for keeping boho braids tangle-free! Oils like jojoba, coconut and argan are perfect for boho braids as they are lightweight and easily absorbed. Work a few drops into your palms and smooth over the lengths of your hair before braiding. The oil's emollient properties help seal in moisture, keeping hair supple and reducing dryness and frizz. Oils also coat the hair, helping adjacent strands slide effortlessly instead of tangling together. For extra slip, mix a touch of oil into your leave-in conditioner too. Just a little oil goes a long way for tangle prevention!

Braiding on Undetangled, Dirty Hair

Starting the braiding process on hair that hasn’t been thoroughly detangled and cleansed is asking for trouble. Trying to braid knots into neat plaits? Skipping the shampoo and hoping for the best? Don’t do it! Always start boho braiding on freshly washed, conditioned and detangled hair.

Shampooing with a moisturizing shampoo ensures strands are free of dirt, oil and product buildup that could cause tangles down the line. Follow up with an intensive conditioner, focusing on the mid-lengths and ends. Conditioner boosts softness and slip for easier detangling. After rinsing, use a wide-tooth comb or wet brush to gently detangle sections of hair from roots to ends before braiding. This guarantees you aren’t locking knots and snarls into the boho braid pattern. Go slowly, working through tangles with care - ripping through knots can cause breakage and frizz.

It only takes an extra 10-15 minutes to properly detangle and cleanse hair before braiding, so don’t skip this step. Braiding over snarls and dirt is a one-way ticket to knotted, matted boho box braids. Take the time to create a smooth, tangle-free foundation first. Your hands and hair will thank you!

Pulling Too Tight

Resist the urge to pull and yank boho braids as tight as humanly possible in pursuit of a super sleek look. Pulling the hair overly taut while braiding places excessive tension on strands, which can lead to breakage, frizz and tangles. The damage caused by tight braiding also makes hair more prone to absorbing moisture and swelling up, causing braids to push out unevenly.

Instead, keep your grip relaxed and tension gentle as you intertwine the boho braids. Place your index finger lightly where you want each section of hair to lie rather than wrenching it into place. The goal is to create neat plaits that sit close to the scalp, not give yourself a facelift. Let the weight of any hair extensions help keep braids hanging smoothly without having to pull too tight. Tightness at the roots is what matters most for a polished look.

Maintaining light, even tension from roots to ends ensures the braided style stays calm and tangle-free rather than broken. Plus it prevents pain and headaches from pulling! Don’t worry about achieving a super tight look—the intentionally messy vibe of boho knotless braids hairstyles means they’re supposed to look a little more relaxed anyway. Save the headaches for festival season.

Not Securing Ends

After spending all that time intricately braiding your boho style, don’t neglect securing the braid ends! Leaving braid ends loose and exposed is asking for tangles, knots and frayed tips as the boho braids naturally loosen up throughout the day. The loose ends will inevitably tangle together into a knotted mess without proper finishing.

Protect those vulnerable ends by:

Tying Off Ends: Use small elastic bands that match your hair color to tie off the tip of each finished braid. Wrapping the end around the elastic helps minimize bulk. This keeps ends from unraveling and tangling with neighboring braids.

Twisting + Clipping: Give ends an extra layer of defense by twisting them tightly after tying off elastics, then securing with mini alligator clips. The clips act like a clamp to prevent ends from unwinding, frizzing or tangling.

Adding Decorative Elements: Weave beads, cowrie shells, feathers or metal rings into the ends of boho braids. These decorative accents add weight to keep ends taut and anchored. They also prevent ends from rubbing together and tangling.

Properly securing the ends of your tangleless boho braids ensures they stay orderly and tangle-free as you rock your hairstyle. Don’t skip this crucial finishing step! Take the extra 5 minutes to tie off, twist or accessorize.

Not Protecting Overnight

All that effort you put in to prevent tangling during the day can easily be undone while you sleep. Boho braids tend to loosen up overnight as you toss and turn on your pillow. The movement and friction against bed linens leads to knots, tangles and frizz by morning if hair isn't protected. But never fear - defending your locks while you sleep is easy!

Cover hair in a satin bonnet or wrap strands in a silk scarf. The slippery fabrics prevent friction overnight and keep braids contained.

For extra protection, loosely pin up long braids into a loose bun on top of your head before covering with the bonnet or scarf. This prevents excessive swinging and tangling as you move.

Sleep on a satin pillowcase! The smooth, non-absorbent texture keeps braids from catching and tangling as you shift positions. Less friction = less tangles.

Lightly mist braids with a mix of leave-in conditioner and water before bed. This adds moisture and slip to help braids glide smoothly rather than knotting up.

Following a simple nighttime routine keeps boho braids tangle-free overnight and ready to showcase knot-free in the morning! Don't sacrifice your beauty sleep - just make it work a little harder for your braids.

Forgetting Regular Maintenance

Once your boho braids are in, don’t assume you can just forget about them until take-down day. Keeping up a regular maintenance routine is crucial for preventing tangles in a longer-term braided style like bohemian braids. As time passes, natural oil, product and dirt accumulation can make hair less slippery and more prone to tangling. Stay on top of it!

Every 2-3 days, gently mist braids with a spray leave-in conditioner or braid spray. Focus on the ends - they tend to tangle most. This adds moisture and reduces friction between strands.

As needed, smooth a dime-sized amount of styling cream or oil onto frizzy areas or ends. Again, focus on the ends and any pieces sticking out.

Wrap hair in a silk scarf or durag at night and cover with a satin bonnet. This maintains slip and protects your style.

At 1 week, take down braids and thoroughly shampoo, condition, and detangle. Let hair air dry before re-braiding. This prevents excessive buildup over time.

Staying on top of conditioning, moisturizing and regularly caring for your boho braids ensures they maintain that just-styled look for as long as you wear them. Don’t let maintenance fall by the wayside! A few minutes a day keeps the tangles away.

Choosing the Wrong Extensions

Using the wrong type of hair extensions is also a common cause of tangled boho braids. Stick to extensions specifically made for braided styles rather than sew-ins or glue-ins.

Opt for:

1. Pre-stretched synthetic braiding hair like kanekalon or toyokalon fiber. The fibers are designed to minimize friction between strands.

2. Smooth, wavy or lightly crimped texture. Avoid curly, kinky or overly bumpy textures, as they tend to knot up more easily.

3. Match the thickness of extensions to your natural hair. If too thick, the added weight causes friction and tangling.


1. Non-stretch synthetic hair. Without stretch, tension is placed on the braid and can cause tangles.

2. Real human hair. It is too lightweight and slippery for braids, causing it to tangle easily. The cuticle doesn't align properly.

3. Silky or ultra-smooth synthetic fibers. They create less friction against each other, but more friction against natural hair.

The slicker and smoother the extension texture, the less likely boho braids are to snag and knot. Kanekalon and toyokalon provide the perfect balance of stretch, alignment and friction-free finish. Do your homework to select the right extensions!


It doesn’t take much for boho braids to become a tangled mess. By avoiding common mistakes like inadequate prep, too-tight braiding, unfinished ends and improper aftercare, you can flaunt gorgeously smooth, tangleless boho braids and braided wigs.

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