Passion Twists: The Must-Try Bohemian Hair Trend of 2024

I. Introduction

The natural hair world is being taken over by a fresh, bohemian-inspired trend in 2024 - passion twists. This faux loc style exudes effortless cool with its gloriously messy, free-flowing texture. Since debuting in 2018, passion twists have rapidly risen as a must-try protective style for women everywhere.

II. What Are Passion Twists?

Passion twists are two-strand twists created using synthetic Water Wave crochet hair extensions seamlessly blended with your natural hair. The extensions are made from a special crimped, kinky fiber that mimics the frizzy, coiled pattern of real textured hair. This unique texture is the defining feature of passion twists - it gives the style an intentionally imperfect, unraveled look with glorious frizz and lots of voluminous dimensions.

Unlike thin, manicured Senegalese twists or uniform, neat faux locs, passion twists fully embrace an undone, wildly textured aesthetic. The twists have an organic, free-flowing quality with kinky bends and coils throughout, resembling the twisted, tangled shape of passion fruit plant vines growing naturally in the wild. This raw, bohemian feel is part of what makes the passion twist style so alluring and versatile. The controlled chaos creates a romantic, whimsical vibe while still looking chic and stylized when installed properly by a skilled braider. The kinky Water Wave texture gives passion twists hairstyles unparalleled volume, movement and character that perfectly complements the overall ethereal, carefree look.

passion twists

III. The Installation Process

While the finished look is carefree, the installation process for passion twists is quite meticulous. It begins with stretching, moisturizing, and sectioning off the natural hair. Then for each individual two-strand twist:

  1. Take a small section of natural hair and divide it into two parts.
  2. Make an "X" part with the Water Wave extension hair.
  3. Apply gel or edge control at the roots to lock in the extension.
  4. Twist the extension hair together with the two natural sections.
  5. Continue twisting down, allowing the twist to coil and tangle organically.

Smaller, thinner twists create a fuller, more textured look while larger chunkier twists have more dramatic shape and movement. Most styles use 7-10 packs of Water Wave hair depending on the desired density and length.

Long Passion Twists

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IV. Top 10 Trendy Passion Twist Hairstyles Inspo

The biggest draw of passion twists is their incredible versatility. Here are 10 of the hottest ways to style this trendy passion twist look:

1. Jumbo Passion Twist Ponytail

Thick, oversized passion twists with lots of voluminous texture are gathered up high into a striking ponytail. This look is perfect for making a bold statement.

Passion Twist Ponytail

2. Passion Twist Mohawk

For an edgy, punky vibe, passion twists are braided vertically down the center of the head in a mohawk shape, with the sides shaved or undercut. Add colorful highlights for extra flair.

Passion Twist Mohawk

3. Passion Twist Updo with Accessories

An elegant updo is created by pinning and winding passion twists into an intricate knotted style on top of the head. Accessorize with pearls, jewels, fresh flowers or other embellishments woven throughout for a glamorous look.

Passion Twist Updo

4. Passion Twist Faux Hawk

Similar to the mohawk but with a softer, less severe look. Twists are gently spiked up in the center and fluffed out to create a faux hawk shape with height and piecey texture.

Faux Hawk Braids

5. Tri-Colored Passion Twists

Make a vibrant statement with passion twists dyed in three trendy, contrasting shades like magenta, sunny yellow and teal blue. The blended tones create a bold, eye-catching look.

Tri-Colored Passion Twists

6. Micro Passion Twist Pixie

For an ultra-chic, minimalistic style, micro-sized passion twists are braided very small and closely cropped in a classic pixie cut shape. This edgy look allows you to show off your face.

Micro Passion Twist updo

7. Passion Twist Top Knot

A stylish way to get lengthy passion twists up and off your neck. Simply wind all the twists up into a coiled bun right on the top of your head for a chic top knot updo.

Passion Twist Top Knot

8. Crochet Passion Twist Braids

Get the best of both worlds by combining the freeform texture of passion twists with the intricate, cornrowed patterns of crochet braiding for a totally unique, mixed hair design.

Passsion Twist Crochet Hair

9. Half-Up Passion Twist Space Buns

A fun, youthful style with two cute bubble-shaped buns on top created by dividing passion twists into two sections, while the rest cascades freely down the back.

Half-Up Passion Twist Bun

10. Beaded Passion Twist Fringe

Add gorgeous movement to your face by styling the front passion twists into a curtain of free-falling fringe strands, accented with beads, charms or ringlets.

Beaded Passion Twists

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V. Low-Maintenance Luxury

Beyond their showstopping looks, passion twists are also prized for their low-maintenance luxury. Since your natural hair is tucked away within the extensions, there's minimal daily styling required once installed. With proper care, these twists can last an impressive 6-8 weeks.

To keep passion twists fresh, experts recommend:

  • Spritzing with a lightweight leave-in conditioner 1-2 times per week to prevent dryness
  • Gently retwisting any stray pieces every 2 weeks
  • Cleansing your scalp weekly with a dry or creamy scalp treatment
  • Sleeping with a satin bonnet or pillow to reduce frizz
  • Avoiding overexposure to water which can cause premature unraveling

"Passion twists are a great protective style choice," notes Stephen. "The low-tension install and curly texture makes them gentle on your strands while you get all the glamour."

wash braids

VI. Conclusion

It's no surprise passion twists have exploded in popularity - this romantic yet edgy style allows you to channel bohemian glamour effortlessly. But beyond their eye-catching looks, passion twists offer the ideal balance of style and low-maintenance luxury that modern women crave.

For a fuss-free way to rock passion twist perfection, JALIZA Braids offers luxury passion twist wigs featuring HD lace and human baby hair for an undetectable, natural-looking finish. With various lengths and colors available, these meticulously braided, high-quality wigs provide elegant sophistication and comfort.

JALIZA passion twist locs wig

With their gorgeous versatility and easy upkeep, passion twists are poised to remain a beloved protective style for years to come. This bohemian twist on beauty empowers women to boldly express their personal style in 2024 and beyond. Whether you opt for striking platinum highlights, fiery ombre hues, or classic solid shades, passion twists allow you to unleash your inner goddess with confidence.

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