Mastering French Braids: A 5-Step Guide to Timeless Hairstyles

Single French Braid

French braids are an elegant and timeless hairstyle that can elevate any ensemble. French braids can seem complicated and difficult, but with the right methods, learning how to do them is a skill that can be acquired. How to Do French Braids? We'll walk you through how to make both the classic French braid and the fancier French lace braid in this in-depth tutorial, so you can rock these stylish looks like a pro.

The Traditional French Braid in 5 Simple Steps

Step 1: Prep Your Hair

It's crucial to have your hair ready before you start braiding. To create a smooth surface on which to work, begin by running a brush through your hair to get rid of any tangles or knots. You can French braid damp hair or dry hair, but when you remove the braid, the damp hair will produce lovely, gentle waves.

brush hair with a comb

Step 2: Section Your Hair

Gather a 3-4 inch wide section of hair from the top center of your head, making sure all the strands come from the same row or layer. Divide this section into three equal parts.

Section hair into 3 equal parts

Step 3: Start Braiding

With one hand, hold two of the sections, and the third in the other. Start by crossing the right strand over the middle, and then cross the new middle with the left strand. Repeat this traditional braiding pattern a few times to establish the base.

braiding French braid

Step 4: Add More Hair

As you continue braiding down, incorporate new strands of hair into each section before crossing it over the middle. Grab small, thin sections from the sides of your head, near your face and neck, and include them in the crossing motion. The more hair you add, the thicker and more intricate the braid will become.

Add More Hair to do French braid

Step 5: Finish the Braid

After you've braided all of your hair into the braid—usually at the nape of your neck—keep braiding in the conventional manner until the ends are reached. To prevent strands from breaking or snagging, fasten the braid using a gentle elastic covered in fabric.

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The French Lace Braid in 5 Steps

Try the French lace braids for a fancier and more sophisticated variation on the French braid. This look perfectly elongates your face and lends a romantic touch to any gathering.

Step 1: Prep and Section

As with the traditional French braid, start by brushing and parting your hair, either in the center or to the side, depending on your preference.

brushing hair

Step 2: Start the Braid

Grab a 1-inch section of hair near your part and divide it into three equal strands. Angle these strands downward to frame your face rather than pulling them straight back.

start braiding hair

Step 3: Braid and Incorporate New Hair

Start braiding in the conventional manner, but as you work your way around your head, only add new hair strands from one side of the braid. Depending on how comfortable you are, you can braid your hair over or under your ears.

add hair to French lace braid

Step 4: Create a Halo

As you continue braiding and incorporating new hair, the braid will form a crown or halo shape around your head. If creating a single braid, wrap it all the way around until you run out of hair. For two braids, stop at the nape of your neck, secure with an elastic, and repeat the process on the other side.

finish french braids

Step 5: Secure and Finish

Once you've used up all the loose hair, continue braiding in the traditional fashion until you reach the ends. Secure the braid with an elastic, and you've created a beautiful French lace braid.

Secure French lace braid

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4 Pro Tips for Flawless French Braids

Practice Regularly: The more you practice French braiding, the better you'll get. Don't get frustrated if your braids don't look perfect at first. With regular practice, your braiding skills will improve.

Use a Mirror: Braiding while looking in a mirror, especially when you're first learning, can be very helpful. Being able to see what you're doing makes the braiding process easier to understand.

Keep Strands Tight: For a neat, polished braid, keep the hair strands pulled tight as you braid, especially at the start of the braid. Keeping a looser grip will give you a more relaxed, casual braid.

Add Accessories: Make your French braid stand out by accessorizing with ribbons, colorful hair ties, or trendy hair clips and bands. Accessories add a fun, personalized touch.

French braid

Gaining proficiency in French braids allows you to style your hair in a multitude of ways. With a little practice and these detailed instructions, you'll be able to make exquisite braids that highlight your newly acquired abilities. So prepare to braid like a pro by sectioning your strands with a brush!

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