Effortless Elevation: Elevating Full Boho Braids Into Top Knot Chic

Boho braids make a gorgeous statement worn long and loose. But when you need a break from all that hair or want to elevate your style, a top knot bun takes your look to new heights. Gathering up free-flowing braided wigs or goddess braids into a piled top knot creates an easy updo that’s elegant and chic. The casually twisted upstyle adds flattering height while showing off the texture and detailing of boho braids. For an effortlessly cool day or night look, a messy top knot bun elevates your braided lengths into a relaxed yet sophisticated updo.

Prepping Hair for the Perfect Top Knot Bun

Achieving a polished top knot starts with proper prep to ensure braids stay sleekly in place all day. Gathering up free-flowing braided wigs for black women or goddess braids into a piled top knot creates an easy updo that’s elegant and chic.

Start with freshly washed and deeply conditioned braids to boost shine and manageability. Focus conditioner on dry ends.

Use a hydrating leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz serum or oil to smooth and define braids. Concentrate on ends to prevent flyaways.

Evenly split clean, conditioned hair into upper and lower sections. Secure the bottom half in a loose ponytail up and out of the way.

Thoroughly brush the top section with a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush to detangle and remove any fuzzies before creating the knot.

Mist the top section with water or a touchable hold setting spray. Use hands or a brush to smooth down flyaways around hairline and part to keep edges slick.

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Creating Your Boho Braid Top Knot Updo

Once hair is prepped, it’s time to gather and pile those braids into a gorgeous knotted bun. Follow these steps:

Gather the Braids

Comb all the hair in the top section straight upward and hold it high at the crown of your head.

Use one hand to gently smooth any bumps, then tighten the gathered ponytail. Wrap an elastic tie to temporarily secure it.

Wrap the Knot

Begin coiling and wrapping the ponytail into a rounded bun shape, spiraling the braided hair around itself into a full knot.

Insert bobby pins upside down throughout the bun as you go to temporarily anchor the shape. Crisscross pins for security.

Refine and Finish

Gently tug, loosen and adjust the bun to your desired fullness and height. The messier, the better.

Wrap any loose short pieces back into the bun and pin to camouflage. Smooth flyaways.

Mist bun all over with flexible hold hairspray for extra hold and added shine.

Embellish with accessories like hair jewels strategically placed.

Leave Out Face-Framing Pieces

Uncoil a few braids around the hairline and front to leave out as loose face-framing strands.

For polished texture, curl pieces lightly with a wand or twist with a straightener.

Top Knot Tips for Flawless Hair All Day

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Use these pro tips to master the art of a top knot bun that stays sleek from morning to night:

When prepping sections, divide hair horizontally across the back of crown rather than vertically to allow braids to wrap smoothly upward into the knot.

Twist braids tightly into a coil at the base of the initial ponytail before wrapping into the bun shape. This helps anchor it.

Insert bobby pins at angles pointing up and outward instead of straight down into the bun. This creates a stronger hold. Crossed pins also further anchor the knot.

Disguise the ponytail elastic by wrapping a thin braid, scarf strip or velvet chording around the bun’s base to conceal it.

Embellished bobby pins with texture, charms and designs blend into textured hair while adding subtle flair.

Set the completed updo with a flexible hold or "touchable" hairspray containing polymers to keep flyaways in place without stiffness.

For a hands-free alternative, use a lined jaw clip or large claw clip to quickly sweep up and secure braided hair into an easy top knot.

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Create Height and Interest With Different Knot Placements

The placement of your boho braid top knot affects its shape and silhouette. Get inspired by these chic placement ideas:

Crown Knot

A knot positioned centrally right on top of the head adds maximum height for drama. It works best on longer braided wigs or goddess braids.

Center Knot

Placing the bun in the middle of your crown creates balanced height and elongates the appearance of your neck.

Nape Knot

Let braids fall long and loose in the front then sweep them into a low, tucked knot at your nape. It’s an unexpectedly modern, elegant take on the style.

Tilted Knot

Part hair dramatically off to one side. Gather only the longer side into a bun placed off-center, leaving the other side long. This creates an edgy, boldly asymmetric vibe.

Double Top Knots

Evenly divide hair into two sections with a central part. Create two same-sized top knot buns, one on each side of your part. It amps up the drama.

Exaggerated Side Knot

Gather all your hair over to one shoulder before wrapping it into a knot. Let braids fall over one shoulder. It has a playful, carefree vibe.

Half-Up, Half-Down Boho Knots

For even more styling versatility, convert your braids to a half up, half down ‘do with this method:

As usual, part hair horizontally from ear to ear. Smooth back any baby hairs.

Pull the top section tightly into a ponytail positioned at the crown. Ensure it's secure.

Wrap the ponytail into a neat top knot bun anchored with bobby pins.

Leave the bottom portion of braids long and loose to fall freely.

Curl the ends of the free flowing hair with a wand or flat iron for extra polish and movement.

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A top knot bun takes basic boho braids to new stylish heights in an instant. The more textured and intricate your braiding, the better a sleek updo shows it off. So pile those free-flowing lengths atop your head and fasten into an effortlessly chic upstyle. The possibilities are endless for creating your signature boho braid knot. Elevate your look with cool height and sophistication anytime.

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