Keep Your Parts on Point: Pro Tricks for Perfect Sectioning and Symmetry

Mastering the art of sectioning and parting is crucial for achieving flawless, symmetrical hairstyles. Whether you're creating intricate updos, sleek ponytails, or bohemian braids, the foundation of a great style lies in precise sectioning. How do you ensure even parting and sectioning when creating boho braids? It all starts with the right tools, techniques, and a keen eye for detail. In this article, we'll dive into the pro tricks that will help you keep your parts on point every time.

The Importance of Sectioning

Sectioning is the process of dividing the hair into manageable portions, allowing for greater control and accuracy when styling. It's the unsung hero of hairdressing, often overlooked but essential for achieving polished results. Proper sectioning ensures that each strand is given equal attention, resulting in a balanced and harmonious finished look.

When it comes to braided wigs, sectioning becomes even more crucial. The success of a braided style hinges on the neatness and evenness of the sections. Uneven sections can lead to braided wigs that vary in size, thickness, and tension, detracting from the overall aesthetic. By taking the time to carefully section the hair before braiding, you set yourself up for a flawless finish.

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Tools of the Trade

To achieve precise sectioning, you need the right tools in your arsenal. Here are the essentials:

  1. Rat-tail comb: This versatile tool is a stylist's best friend. The long, thin handle allows for creating clean, sharp partings, while the teeth can be used for detangling and smoothing the hair.

  2. Clips: Having a variety of hair clips on hand is crucial for keeping sections separated and organized. Opt for clips that have a strong grip and won't slip or damage the hair.

  3. Hairspray: A light mist of hairspray can help to tame flyaways and keep sections in place as you work. Choose a formula that provides hold without leaving the hair stiff or crunchy.

  4. Mirror: A large, well-lit mirror is essential for checking the symmetry and evenness of your sections from all angles.

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Techniques for Perfect Sectioning

  1. Start with a clean slate: Begin with freshly washed and detangled hair. This will make sectioning easier and ensure that the final result is smooth and polished.

  2. Establish a center part: Use the point of your rat-tail comb to create a straight line from the forehead to the nape of the neck. This will serve as a guide for the rest of your sectioning.

  3. Work in quadrants: Divide the hair into four equal sections - two in the front and two in the back. This will help you maintain control and symmetry as you style.

  4. Use the "slice and dice" method: When creating smaller sections for braiding or styling, use the slice and dice technique. Take a small section of hair and use the point of your comb to slice through it horizontally, creating even subsections.

  5. Cross-check your sections: Before moving on to styling, take a moment to cross-check your sections for evenness. Compare the size and shape of each section to ensure they match up.

  6. Keep it neat: As you work, keep your sections neat and organized. Use clips to secure each section and avoid letting them fall or mix together.

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The Power of Symmetry

Symmetry is the key to a polished, professional-looking hairstyle. When sections are even and balanced, the overall style appears more intentional and put-together. This is especially true for styles like twist braids or updos, where the slightest unevenness can throw off the entire look.

To achieve perfect symmetry, take your time and work methodically. Use your center part as a guide and constantly compare each side to ensure they match up. If you find that one side is slightly larger or smaller than the other, don't be afraid to adjust your sections until they are even.

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Practice Makes Perfect

Like any skill, sectioning takes practice to master. Don't get discouraged if your first attempts are less than perfect. With time and repetition, you'll develop an eye for evenness and a steady hand for parting.

One way to practice is by creating simple styles that require precise sectioning, such as a classic three-strand braid or a French twist. Focus on creating clean, straight partings and keeping your sections even throughout the style. As you become more comfortable with the basics, you can move on to more complex styles like boho braids or intricate updos.

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Embracing Imperfection

While precise sectioning is the goal, it's important to remember that a little imperfection can add character and charm to a hairstyle. Perfectly symmetrical styles can sometimes appear too rigid or artificial. Embracing a bit of organic asymmetry, especially in more relaxed styles like bohemian braids hairstyles, can create a sense of effortless, lived-in beauty.

The key is to find a balance between control and letting the hair's natural texture and movement shine through. Don't be afraid to let a few wispy pieces escape or to allow the braids to have a slightly undone, romantic feel.


Sectioning may seem like a small detail, but it can make a world of difference in the final outcome of a hairstyle. By taking the time to create clean, even sections and paying attention to symmetry, you'll elevate your styling game and achieve professional-looking results every time.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Embrace the process of learning and refining your sectioning skills. With patience, persistence, and a keen eye for detail, you'll be creating stunning, symmetrical styles in no time.

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