Customize Your Boho Braid Style By Hair Texture and Length

Surprisingly, the most perplexing kind to grab the attention of fashionistas from all over the world for its chic and effortlessness, giving a glance of bohemian charm. Indeed, from intricate details to diversified styling options, it's no wonder people get all inspired. But one thought prevails when considering this style: Are the boho braids right for all hair textures and lengths? And the answer to that question is a big yes! In this article, we take you through how to customize the boho braid style to perfectly suit your unique hair texture and length.

Boho Braids for Different Hair Textures


Fine, thick, straight, wavy, or curly, there's a boho braid for your type. The point is that you'll need to find a braiding method and extensions that work best with your natural texture.

Fine Hair 

On the other hand, if your hair is fine, then opt for smaller, more intricate braids, which can offer you both volume and dimension to your style. Choose micro braids, boho braids, or cornrows. Choose hair from premium-quality synthetic fibers that are lightweight or made of human hair not to add extra weight to your thin strands.

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Thick Hair

If you need to make a bigger, thicker braid, then choose from goddess braids, jumbo box braids, and Senegalese twists. The styles offer convenience in the handling of very thick hair and open up volume in the hair. When purchasing hair extensions, any customer would have to make sure it is human hair or a mixture of human hair with synthetic fiber to give a natural look.

Straight Hair

If you have straight hair, you may be the kind of person who has never thought that boho braids are your thing. But guess what? With the right preparation and styling, you will be turning out a positively gorgeous, textured look.

Before braiding, spray sections with texturizing spray or sea salt spray to give them grip and hold. You can also create a more undone, bohemian hairstyles by gently tugging at your braids once they're complete to loosen them slightly.

Wavy and Curly Hair 

Even better if you have naturally wavy or curly hair. It's really hard to come up with a better texture for boho braids. The movement and volume of your natural hair will render goddess braids, loose French braids, and waterfall braids at their best. When selecting extensions, look for textures that closely match your own to ensure a seamless blend.

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Boho Braids for Different Hair Lengths


Boho braids look incredible on any hair length. Go for short crops to long, flowing locks.

Short Hair 

If you have short hair, braids are great for trying out the boho bb And to top it all up, these wigs come in any style or length you would think of, and they are sold pre-braided, meaning you would never have to spend all that time doing your hair. In case you are selecting a braided wig, the best choice is to decide on one that will be shorter in length and totally will suit your face shape and features.

Medium-Length Hair

Some of the best hairstyles for women with medium-length hair include chunky braids, Dutch braids, and fishtail braids. The latter will not only bring out the texture and excitement of your mid-length locks but also keep your manageable hair maintained and under protection. If you desire a bit more length or volume, consider adding a few strategically placed extensions to your braided wigs.

Long Hair 

If your locks are extra long and fall way below your shoulders, then boho braids are your domain. You can carry off everything, including the tricky crown braids to those cascade mermaid-like braids spread far and wide. These ideas are a good way to style your long hair into a presentation of a number of braids that offer depth and dimension to your look. Combine these with accessories such as flowers, beads, and ribbons to further customize.

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Tips for Customizing Your Boho Braid Style


Long or short, thick or fine—it makes no difference the texture of the hair—these are some guidelines to help one get the ideal boho braid style.

  1. Try different braiding techniques and braid patterns to find out which suits your type of hair and style best.

  2. Always pick quality fibers that are close to your hair texture and color when using extensions to seamlessly blend in.

  3. Be sure to experiment with texture and volume by gently pulling on each braid, or even trying some texturizing products to get that messier, boho feel.

  4. Put flowers, beads, ribbons, or even colorful threads in the hair to accessorize the braids.

  5. During the night, help your braids to survive by tying a silk or satin scarf around to avoid the frizz and let your style keep looking fresh. 

Use this as a guide and fit with your hair texture and length so that you are really able to create a fantastic boho braid style that speaks to your senses and personality. 

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Embrace Your Unique Beauty with Boho Braids


Boho braids offer a beautiful and versatile way for one to be able to wear their own style and at the same time take care of showing off their natural hair. Literally, from determining what kind of braid technique, extensions, and accessories, depending on the texture and length of hair you're going to work with, you definitely end up with an absolutely chic style.

Whether it's fine, straight locks or thick, wavy tresses, short crops or long, flowing locks - boho braids are in. Experiment a bit and get a little creative until you've found the perfect one that will speak to your beauty, strength, and unapologetic character.

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